Saturday, 10 May 2014

Kensal Winoes

Just been to the opening of Borough Wines  in the old fireplace shop. A range of London microbrewery produce, good selection of wine at a a variety of prices and a bottle refill scheme. Talked to the manager, intention is to run wine tastings and foody sessions - yum!

The corner off licence on Chamberlayne / Clifford gardens is rising from the ashes (again) with a new red shop frontage - they needed a new window since a car crashed into it years ago (2012 ish I think?) Always stock a reliable 4 cans for £5 - or less with a bit of haggling.

I suppose we have nearly full spectrum of the wine shops now, and giving Salisbury Road a run for its money.

20mph signs have been sprouting up, anyone actually done 20? It feels so slow! But Zebra crossing is a good thing for sure!

Lark ladies clothes shop is still hitting the headlines with celebs attending from some TV programme about people in Chelsea ;-)  @Lark_London

Anyone seen any Russians buying houses locally? Oh, thought not... Ref

Thursday, 3 April 2014

New New New

Lots of new things recently.

The Whippet Inn has replaces Madame Gautier ( a bit of a shame it lasted less than 12 months - victim of poor service?)

Borough Wines is replacing the fireplace shop - bigger market selling to wine drinkers than wood burners

Pomello is being replaced by a new tapas / Greek BYO restaurant - anyone know the name?

Cable_co coffee shop on the bridge is going from strength to strength, but such a shame that Aubrey's has closed (next to Gee's Barbers) it had great coffee, cake and service

Very annoying that we're back on weekend closures of the overground at Kendal rise - longer trains from End of 2015, hmmm, less squeeze, but closures are frustrating.

Anyone good with cars, or recommend a good ( not expensive )garage door a modest, small VW?

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dandelion blowing in the wind

Recently spotted a new addition to the Rise ... Some 'Art'.

I understand its called a dandelion, it's made from recycled plastic bottles and spins in the wind (yet to be seen). It's by local artist Molly Fletcher and is an addition to the Kensal art trail

I quite like the practical use of the street light to support it and ensures it doesn't add to clutter on the street.

Glad to see the local entrepreneurs are still at it with pun-tastic names. 'Kensal pines' were selling Christmas trees outside the Kensal rise Catholic church this weekend - saves the walk to Harrow road I suppose.

Saturday, 23 November 2013


So Brent have a new bin on the street philosophy zzzzzzz....

However, the other day, someone left a very nice gift in the rain. A record box containing an original 1973 Dr Who BBC Radiophonic Workshop single #ThankYou

Great local ethic, I can put anything on my front 'garden' wall and a someone will find a new home for it - now I have been rewarded. Adhoc Freecycle.

Don't chuck it, Freecycle it!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brooks Fish Mongers

It's been too long since I last posted - you can blame the energy industry for that - amongst other things.

Great news, after many rumours, murmurings and  conjecture, it's pretty official that Brooks (run by the owner if Minkies) is opening a Fishmongers! - I'd heard the shop lease had a number of undesirable clauses in it, but hopefully they have been overcome!

Kensal Rise is becoming quite a foodie destination - Aubreys is hosting supper clubs - amongst other gastro delights!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Sun Riser - Take 2

Following on from the success of June's SunRiser, local shopkeepers, restaurants and creatives are coming together to host an end of summer event on Saturday Sept 28th from 12noon until 5pm, Chamberlayne Road. More here

Saturday sounds good, I'll await with rumbling tummy - yum

Alse, paradise are getting in on the act - Paradise by Way of Kensal Green will host the inaugural Harvest Festival, a weekend celebration dedicated to street food, country pursuits, music and entertainment. More here

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Barber Shop

I came across this great article about our very own Barber Shop in Kensal Rise.

This guy travels from South East London to get his hair cut on the Rise - that's dedication.

It's my favoured hair cut destination - and a great source of banter. Last time I was there a customer shared his 25year old Rum, mixed with Ginger Beer - certainly woke me up on a Saturday afternoon! Recommended to all, young and old.