Thursday, 30 August 2007

The Paradise

Is it reopening and refurbished or not? It was open on Bank Holiday Weekend for two Carnival parties, but when I popped by yesterday for a quick drink it was shut again. It looks like it has had a lick of (needed) paint, but that might just be because it was empty.

Update: I went there for dinner on Saturday night. We enjoyed it tremendously - for a start of the dining room is very spacious, and there is a great deal of space around each table, something sadly uncommon in London restaurants. The food was good too - we shared a ham hock terrine, and then I had lamb and my partner seafood risotto. Both were lovely. Good wine list and five choices of wine by the glass, which is always helpful. House champagne not bad too.

I think the refit looks great - hard to tell immediately what has changed, but it all seems fresher. Also see comments from Matthew about the roof terrace, which I didn't check out, but I think they might have a disco upstairs on Sat from 9pm. See here as well.