Wednesday, 29 May 2013

'Sun Riser' event in June

Today I saw a poster for the 'Sun Riser' event on Thursday 20th June 3PM till late. My first impression was - what a great idea, but why on a Thursday?!
Looks like all the key characters and shops are taking part, and being promoted by our friends at Rise Guide.
I certainly hope to take part - after work - and enjoy some food and drink from the best of Chamberlayne Road!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Minkies, Love KR and Speed

The other day I spotted a new Minkies Deli in West Hampstead - it's on the left as you leave the Overground station - looks more like a kiosk than a cafe, anyone sampled the coffee / prices?

I spotted a planning application for a lift at Kensal Rise station. 1 lift to serve the Eastbound platform. It looks like it puts the shop 'Love KR' at risk; I know my wife loves 'Love KR', it's a great local asset!

I understand that a consultation on the proposed Chamberlayne Road 20mph scheme is imminent - from Harvist Road to Okehampton Road - I'll make an effort to post any details when they're published.

Anyone know what's going to be in the shop next to the Butcher's - some have said another estate agents, but that may be just taking the pis*.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Special Yoga Centre Fundraiser

I knew Kensal Rise had a Yoga Centre, but I have just recent found out about the children they help with special needs.

I read this article in the Evening Standard last night, and how they are trying to raise £700,000 to support more children with special needs.

There's an art auction on Wednesday 15th May to raise funds - link

A great asset to Kensal Rise - and to London.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Traffic Lights Changing

After this I will write a post on paint drying, but bear with me. This weekend I was caught in two sets of traffic lights - one the temporary ones on Chamberlayne Road near the Chamberlayne Pub, and the other the ones that let you onto Harrow Road from All Souls Avenue.

The reason I mention it was because both times the sequence was not X-Y-Z, but X-Y-Z-Y-Z-X, insofar as they represent different streams of traffic. And I, obviously was in the X. I've never encountered this before, when traffic either crossing or coming in the other direction gets to go twice before its your turn again. 

Revised sports centre plan

Opposite the Benson & Hedges flats. I'm not sure why it was controversial