Saturday, 26 February 2011

New things

We noticed some new things while out and about

There's a Halal butchers next to the greengrocers by Tesco

The organic shops looks like it is about to be a cafe, although there is an advert for a hairdresser in it.

There is still work going on in shop next to the ice-cream/milkshake bar.

What do readers think about all these signs for 'save Kensal Rise library' that have been provided by an estate agent. Worthy cause, but a bit ugly perhaps?*

* See comments - apparently they made a generous donation.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wine shop

I was about to pop out and buy a bottle of wine and realised Kensal Rise has rather poor choice. There's the corner shops, which are OK for popular chains. Tesco has a poor selection. In fact the best place might be the discount wine shop on the corner of Chamberlayne and Kempe. There used to be Miros, but that I believe has closed down and it was always more of a wine bar than wine shop (unlike Samson Miro).

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Thanks for all the comments - for some reason the blogger software has stopped emailing them to me so I missed them until now. The blogging became less frequent recently for a number of reasons - I changed job to one where I can't do daytime blogging, we had our first baby (picture to come) and also I thought Park Life was rather saying it all!

So what's new? One comment on a very old post (about the Alice House opening, back in June 2010, which it now has done - any comments?) said that Miro's had closed down which is disappointing. After a run of new openings of shops, cafes and restaurants we've had a few closures in the last few months (such as the health food shop).

The London Overground seems finally to be fulfilling the promises - many more Clapham services and I think after May they'll be running through the day.

The campaign to save Kensal Rise library seems in full fight.

Finally, I've just noticed in our street the meter parking charges are rising - quite a lot - from 40p to 60p for 30 minutes.

Please keep commenting, especially if my newfound zeal shows signs of slacking again.