Monday, 22 December 2008

Lexi Cinema

Here's the January and February programme (Pdf).

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Man falls through hole near Maggie's Bar

I've never been to Maggie's Bar, Chamberlayne Road, but if you do watch out for holes opposite as you might fall through them.

Monday, 17 November 2008

New things on Chamberlayne Road

It's all happening in what Vogue called one of 'London's coolest streets' (does the editor live near here? I think she might).

But it is true a lot new is opening, just in time for the Great Depression. We have a new homeware shop, Home, a fashion store, Supra, a Chinese restaurant, Pomelo, various baby shops, and also apparently a Tesco Express/Metro. Which I know some people don't like Tescos, but I think is great news. Let's hope they all can keep going in the downturn. Also The Greyhound seems to be changing into The Diner.

Update: The Diner is part of this chain, which also has branches in Shoreditch and Camden.
Update II: But where is Tesco Metro?

The London Overground returns in triumph

Largely shut since September 1st, the London Overground today ran services between Stratford and Richmond again today. It had been closed for engineering work which it was promised would lead to a more reliable service.

Those of us who live near Kensal Rise station wondered whether the 'more' was necessary, and although clearly one might expect first day teething problems, today was another disaster. The morning trains were delayed by about 10mins to 24 mins in one case (and it might have been more - my train turned up so I don't know how it ended up). A man next to me on the platform said 'I see the London Overground has returned in triumph'.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Kensal Rise's new cinema

It's a very impressive venue on Chamberlayne Road, and here are some details from Time Out. The website is here. This is just the sort of venue Kensal Rise needs and I hope everyone goes regularly.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

L'Angolo is being upgraded

I kept meaning to post how much we like L'Angolo Italian Delicatessen, to be found on 14 College Road in Kensal Rise (or is that Kensal Green? Probably is). It has a fantastic selection of Italian food - parma ham, cheese, wine, arangini - and given its just an old-fashioned Italian food shop the prices are not at all high. We go every week.

This week however it was closed for refurbishment - and from what we can see it looks as if it will be excellent. It also looked as it it's going to have a small eat-in counter - whether that's just coffee and biscuits or something more substantial we'll have to wait and see (I expect it re-opens next week). Anyway hopefully the prices won't go up to reflect the trendy new look.

Update: Well it's open, and it's much larger and now has a coffee bar you can sit at. Still seems to be same prices so all is well. Doesn't have the same musty deli smell, but I'm sure that'll come with time.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Election day in Kensal Rise

Polling station
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It's election day in Kensal Rise, though I note that the ward is called Queen's Park.

Monday, 11 February 2008

The Island

And here's some information about College's Road, The Island.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Paradise

This pub was refurbished a year ago or so, and as far as I could tell - as a occasional visitor - it involved sprucing up what was there, making it a bit more flash, emphasising the restaurant, adding a dance venue on the 1st floor on Sat nights, and -- and here I will disagree with guys at Beer in the Evening - improving it.

As a pub I think it is a perfectly pleasant place to drink wine or lager, perhaps not bitter, in generally attractive surroundings. As a club, a place to dance, I've only been once (it was my birthday, so I wasn't too old for one day) it was great fun.

But most of all I like it as a restaurant. I've been twice, for the second time tonight, and both times the food has been brilliant. Tonight we had (main courses only) skate wing, lamb with clams, and cod. We all agreed it was lovely - my girlfriend's skate was 'pillowly', tasting of garlic and adorned with Morecambe Bay shrimps, and with the most fantastic mashed potato. My lamb was, unusually, served with clams, but I imagine much like Guinness and Oysters, it worked beautifully, with the sweet lamb (and a kind of potato Dauphinois).

I would also like to commend the staff. The - I am not sure what to term to use, but I'll use this one - Maitre 'd, both found us a table early (as he knew we were waiting) and gave us a running commentary on the source of the food, the chef and the ideas. He really made the evening. The waiter too was as good as you could imagine, and also a great laugh.

So I can't really recommend it highly enough for food. Prices are moderately expensive, say £12-£15 for a main course and £4-£7 for starters/deserts. An interesting and varied wine list starts from about £13.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Press release time

The Regent, down Regent Street, is advertising its new burgers. I've not tried them, but I quite like the Regent, but during the day or in summer, not when it gets a bit busy.

I would take issue with the claim

The brothers have turned what was once an unloved old boozer into an open plan ground floor pub with a home-from-home feel.

The pub before was called Astons, which was a sister pub to one in West Hampstead. At the time I lived in West Hampstead, and we thought Astons was great when it first opened. It went downwhill rapidly and was shut down, but the one in Kensal Green lingered longer and even two years ago was going strong, looking much like the Regent does now.

Update: Sorry about lack of posts. Have some on old pictures of Kensal Rise and fantastic Italian and Portuguese delis to come, albeit perhaps not in the next few days.