Saturday, 28 January 2012

A few things

Today we went to the Car Boot Sale near Queen's Park. Seemed most old clothes but we did arrive far to late to give a good guide. We also went to the Children and Baby shop Izzy Jones which seems a good addition.

Then we wanted to buy some lunch, and realised Queen's Park lacks a decent deli. So we decided to eat out at Taste of Chamberlayne, which I only went to for the first time just before Christmas but have found really good on both occasions. I had the Eggs Benedict, my wife the Eggs Florentine and for the baby a Croque Monsieur without the mustard. The first two were great but the Croque Monsieur was fantastic, with absolutely delicious fried bread. Probably not the best thing for a small child, so I ate most of it instead...

Friday, 13 January 2012


Last night as I was walking home I saw two Police cars taping off Clifford Gardens and a helicopter flying above. It didn't look good...

I mentioned it on Twitter. I also on Twitter had someone claiming they wanted to buy the shop units under the new flats but Belway wouldn't sell. And it wasn't going to be a Tescos. Any more news on that?