Sunday, 28 March 2010

Students in the Rise

The Grove magazine has a short article saying Brent council have given planning permission to the Blackstone Group to build 'plush student residences' for 300 students from Imperial College and Lamda near Kensal Rise. Anyone know where?

Update: Ah here, on Kensal road.

8 Station Terrace, Kensal Rise - a short review

We went to the new bistro-style restaurant on Station Terrace last week. We shared a cheese and leek quiche to start, followed by lamb chops with a side of greens, and for me salmon and (I think) prawn fish cakes with a tomato salad. We share an Eton Mess for dessert. To drink a diet coke and two glasses of red wine.

We thought the food was simple and well done - the quiche was exceptionally tasty and our only complaint is that it was a little overpriced - £6 for one slice of quiche - £5 would be about right. The fish cakes (£10) were just the right amount of fishy and not too much potato. "You can't go wrong with lamb chops" (£10) apparently, and they didn't. The Eton Mess (£4 - good value) was fantastic, lovely home-made tasting meringue and juicy strawberries. Both red wines were excellent. Service was friendly and not overly fussy.

Inside was nice with lots of pictures on the wall - I agree with the commentator who said the front window is a little bare, looking out as it does onto the railway side. On the other hand during the day I imagine it is nice to get so much light in.

So, minor quibbles aside, we think it is an excellent addition to the Rise - filling a large gap in the market.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

New restaurant, old(ish) restaurant

As some of the commenters have noted, the brasserie on Station Terrace has opened with the useful name 8 Station Terrace. We looked in at about 5pm today (Sunday) and it was packed. The interior looked nice and the menu looked good too (I don't know if it was just for today or changes daily). A commenter noted the wine is reasonably priced by the glass (although I thought the Prosecco at 25 quid a bottle was a tad expensive). Anyway the proof will be in the pudding, and the starters etc, and so I will report back when we've been. Certainly on the face of it a very welcome addition.

We also went recently to Ida, and had a very reasonable three courses for £20 or something like that. Food was excellent, very filling and tasty.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Couple of updates about nothing much

* We're told the pizza/med food place next to Tescos will be open in 1-2 weeks.

* There was some activity in what used to be Miros/Whytes

* Lots seems to be going on at what might be The Brasserie on Station Terrace

Anything else to report?

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Few quck google news links

Roadwork problems in Kensal Rise street.

Lexi Cinema has a bra fundraising drive

La Grand Bouche in Kensal Rise - has anyone heard of that? Anyway apparent Sienna Miller was there.

Controversy over Kensal Green councillor.

Article about Crazy Baker, a wholesale (sort of) baker on Harrow Road.

There's a few other local things I need to put up and will do son the next few days. I see Harvist is now doing evening meals - anyone tried it out?