Thursday, 19 April 2007

Restaurant - Bawarchi

I went to Bawarchi Indian restaurant last night, on Chamberlayne Road. I'd say this is a definitely a cut above your average Indian, with the chef previously having worked in the House of Commons where he cooked a Biryani for John Major's 50th Birthday (which admittedly was back in 1993). It looks good too - modern and stylish.

The food - well I have to admit I had the Tandoori mixed grill, probably the least Indian dish one could have, but it was very tasty, with good quality meat, a hot but not too hot sauce, and excellent rice and naan bread. The girlfriend had a selection of vegetable dishes, which I will be sampling for lunch today, but she said they were good. So definitely recommended, particularly if you are in the Greyhound pub next door.

Sunday, 15 April 2007

Kensal Rise to Great Portland Street (Euston road end)

What is the quickest way of getting from Kensal Rise, say Chamberlayne Road, to the shop Villandry, on Great Portland Street, in central London? This is a journey I have had to make since moving here. I tried four distinct ways.

1. Walk to Queen's Park tube, take the Bakerloo line to Baker Street, change to the Circle or H&C or Metropolitan lne, and get off at Great Portland Street station.

Walking Time = 18 mins (about 12 mins to Queen's Park tube, 3 mins in Baker Street Station, 3 mins after Great Portland Street tube)
Waiting Time = 6 mins (3 mins each for Bakerloo and Circle etc lines)
Train Time = 18 mins (15 mins on Bakerloo line, 3 mins on Circle etc lines)

Total Time = 42 mins

2. Walk to Queen's Park tube, take the Silverlink to Euston, walk to Great Portland Street.

Walking Time = 27 mins (about 12 mins to Queen's Park tube, 15 mins to Villandry from Euston)
Waiting Time = 7 mins (7 mins for Silverlink at Queen's Park)
Train Time = 10 mins (10 mins on Silverlink)

Total Time = 44 mins

3. Walk to Kensal Rise Silverlink station, change at West Hampstead for the Jubilee Line, change at Finchley Road for the Metropolitan Line.

Walking Time = 6 mins (about 3 mins to Kensal Rise, 3 mins between West Hampstead stations, 0 mins at Baker Street)
Waiting Time = 10 mins (5 mins at Kensal Rise (if you know the timetable and check the live departures on your PC or phone, 3 mins at West Hampstead, 2 mins at Finchley Road)
Train Time = 22 mins (8 mins on Silverlinke, 2 mins on Jubilee Line, 12 mins on Metropolitan line)

Total Time = 38 mins

Obviously these are averages, and late trains, slow walking, etc, can make a big difference. Also there should perhaps be a likely distribution, as the three train strategy (no.3) has more chance for things to go wrong, and the Silverlinke is less reliable than the tube. I tended to go for no.3 in the end, however, perhaps because it minimised the walk, though in summer walking through Queen's Park might be more enjoyable. But I now:

4. Cycle

Total Time = 30 mins

I hope to do it a bit faster, but it has quite a lot of hills and traffic can be heavy.


Welcome. This is a blog dedicated to Kensal Rise, London's hottest neighbourhood. Well, possibly not, but it's getting there. I can't guarantee frequent posts, and what topics they will cover other than pubs, bars, shops, moans about transport, and photos I have taken, we will wait to see.