Saturday, 31 August 2013

Barber Shop

I came across this great article about our very own Barber Shop in Kensal Rise.

This guy travels from South East London to get his hair cut on the Rise - that's dedication.

It's my favoured hair cut destination - and a great source of banter. Last time I was there a customer shared his 25year old Rum, mixed with Ginger Beer - certainly woke me up on a Saturday afternoon! Recommended to all, young and old.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Tug of War at Queen's Park Day

I've heard that Queen's Park Day will host a Tug Of War competition between local residents' Associations.

Kensal Rise Resident's association Team is making a certain amount of noise on twitter: or @KensalRRATugWar

I understand it's effectively 2 teams per area, x 1 men's team of 10 and x 1 women's team of 10 from:

Kensal Rise Residents' Association (KRRA)
Queens Park Area Residents' Association (QPARA)
Kensal Triangle Residents' Association (KTRA)
Queens' Park Wardens - men only
Queen's Park Womens' Institute - ladies only

Queen's Park day is Sunday 15th September - those who live / work in the area are encouraged to sign up by contacting your local Residents' Association! - or contact me and i'll help put you in touch!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Kensal - international stations?!

A couple of weeks ago I passed some UK Border Agency staff at Kensal Rise station stopping 'random' people.

They didn't stop me - a white guy in a suit - but it was clear they weren't stopping people  matching my description.

The same happened last week at Kensal Green - and this attracted more attention and suggestions of racial profiling. I also saw BBC news reporting from outside the station more recently.

Madame Gautier - open!

I noticed that Madame Gautier was open earlier this week, so i couldn't resist having a look so went for a coffee on Saturday.

Half is restaurant, half is wine bar / cafe style and the garden has some comfortable looking booths / seating. The Diner's children's area at the back has been retained. The menu is French cuisine and looks moderately priced - I can only assume it will vary more than The Chamberlayne's  (still the same 5 years on)

The manager (authentically French) said they were fully booked for dinner this weekend after a 'soft launch' last weekend - but admitted (like any new establishment) they were still building consistency.

A great addition to The Rise - a proper French restaurant / bistro / wine bar. Queen's park will be jealous.