Saturday, 10 May 2014

Kensal Winoes

Just been to the opening of Borough Wines  in the old fireplace shop. A range of London microbrewery produce, good selection of wine at a a variety of prices and a bottle refill scheme. Talked to the manager, intention is to run wine tastings and foody sessions - yum!

The corner off licence on Chamberlayne / Clifford gardens is rising from the ashes (again) with a new red shop frontage - they needed a new window since a car crashed into it years ago (2012 ish I think?) Always stock a reliable 4 cans for £5 - or less with a bit of haggling.

I suppose we have nearly full spectrum of the wine shops now, and giving Salisbury Road a run for its money.

20mph signs have been sprouting up, anyone actually done 20? It feels so slow! But Zebra crossing is a good thing for sure!

Lark ladies clothes shop is still hitting the headlines with celebs attending from some TV programme about people in Chelsea ;-)  @Lark_London

Anyone seen any Russians buying houses locally? Oh, thought not... Ref