Saturday, 4 December 2010

Lexi Cinema owner profiled

Good profile in FT of Sally Wilton, the Lexi owner, and my neighbour as it happens.

Brooks butchers opens

As two of the commenters have noted, the butchers is open and I'm inclined to agree with them on its brilliance. To start with it looks just fantastic, and although we have only had some Parma ham and sausages from there so far, both have been excellent. Also I've enjoyed rather too many of their tasting samples.

I hope it survives, it certainly seems to be doing most things right. It is expensive, but I think good quality meat is, we've become rather blinded to this fact over the years and preferred to pay little for only adequate quality meat. Of course this has meant much more can be consumed and is not a bad thing, but personally I think I might try eating less but better quality meat. Brooks will be great for that!

Anyway anyone else have a view? I saw a tweet criticising the service, which I found a little slow but in a nice butchers way.