Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dandelion blowing in the wind

Recently spotted a new addition to the Rise ... Some 'Art'.

I understand its called a dandelion, it's made from recycled plastic bottles and spins in the wind (yet to be seen). It's by local artist Molly Fletcher and is an addition to the Kensal art trail

I quite like the practical use of the street light to support it and ensures it doesn't add to clutter on the street.

Glad to see the local entrepreneurs are still at it with pun-tastic names. 'Kensal pines' were selling Christmas trees outside the Kensal rise Catholic church this weekend - saves the walk to Harrow road I suppose.

Saturday, 23 November 2013


So Brent have a new bin on the street philosophy zzzzzzz....

However, the other day, someone left a very nice gift in the rain. A record box containing an original 1973 Dr Who BBC Radiophonic Workshop single #ThankYou

Great local ethic, I can put anything on my front 'garden' wall and a someone will find a new home for it - now I have been rewarded. Adhoc Freecycle.

Don't chuck it, Freecycle it!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Brooks Fish Mongers

It's been too long since I last posted - you can blame the energy industry for that - amongst other things.

Great news, after many rumours, murmurings and  conjecture, it's pretty official that Brooks (run by the owner if Minkies) is opening a Fishmongers! - I'd heard the shop lease had a number of undesirable clauses in it, but hopefully they have been overcome!

Kensal Rise is becoming quite a foodie destination - Aubreys is hosting supper clubs - amongst other gastro delights!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Sun Riser - Take 2

Following on from the success of June's SunRiser, local shopkeepers, restaurants and creatives are coming together to host an end of summer event on Saturday Sept 28th from 12noon until 5pm, Chamberlayne Road. More here

Saturday sounds good, I'll await with rumbling tummy - yum

Alse, paradise are getting in on the act - Paradise by Way of Kensal Green will host the inaugural Harvest Festival, a weekend celebration dedicated to street food, country pursuits, music and entertainment. More here

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Barber Shop

I came across this great article about our very own Barber Shop in Kensal Rise.

This guy travels from South East London to get his hair cut on the Rise - that's dedication.

It's my favoured hair cut destination - and a great source of banter. Last time I was there a customer shared his 25year old Rum, mixed with Ginger Beer - certainly woke me up on a Saturday afternoon! Recommended to all, young and old.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Tug of War at Queen's Park Day

I've heard that Queen's Park Day will host a Tug Of War competition between local residents' Associations.

Kensal Rise Resident's association Team is making a certain amount of noise on twitter: or @KensalRRATugWar

I understand it's effectively 2 teams per area, x 1 men's team of 10 and x 1 women's team of 10 from:

Kensal Rise Residents' Association (KRRA)
Queens Park Area Residents' Association (QPARA)
Kensal Triangle Residents' Association (KTRA)
Queens' Park Wardens - men only
Queen's Park Womens' Institute - ladies only

Queen's Park day is Sunday 15th September - those who live / work in the area are encouraged to sign up by contacting your local Residents' Association! - or contact me and i'll help put you in touch!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Kensal - international stations?!

A couple of weeks ago I passed some UK Border Agency staff at Kensal Rise station stopping 'random' people.

They didn't stop me - a white guy in a suit - but it was clear they weren't stopping people  matching my description.

The same happened last week at Kensal Green - and this attracted more attention and suggestions of racial profiling. I also saw BBC news reporting from outside the station more recently.

Madame Gautier - open!

I noticed that Madame Gautier was open earlier this week, so i couldn't resist having a look so went for a coffee on Saturday.

Half is restaurant, half is wine bar / cafe style and the garden has some comfortable looking booths / seating. The Diner's children's area at the back has been retained. The menu is French cuisine and looks moderately priced - I can only assume it will vary more than The Chamberlayne's  (still the same 5 years on)

The manager (authentically French) said they were fully booked for dinner this weekend after a 'soft launch' last weekend - but admitted (like any new establishment) they were still building consistency.

A great addition to The Rise - a proper French restaurant / bistro / wine bar. Queen's park will be jealous.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Shops on the Rise - and fall

Not sure if I'm slow on the uptake but, it looks like Howie & Belle have / are closing down. I haven't seen them open for some time and the sign above says 'shop to let'. Maybe not a surprise with Niche, and Circus just next door?

The Diner is shut - bring on Madame Gautier! Has anyone seen or been to their shop in Barnes?

The shop that seems to change tenants annually, previously 'puf up' (next to Essential Beauty and the Just Barking) is now a nail bar - a surprising choice considering their neighbours. How many beauty parlours can the ladies of Kendal Rise support?

What did we make of the 'Sun Riser' event? - worth doing it again in September?

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Kensal Rise artist open studio

We went along to this today. It's four artists displaying their works - work a visit if you are in the area. It's a normal house so look out for the bunting. 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Chamberlayne Road 20mph Scheme

Just this morning got sight of the public consultation being done for the "Local Safety Scheme - Chamberlayne Road. Between Okehampton Road and Harvist Road junctions"

Looks like the following:

  • 20mph Okehampton to Harvis road
  • Raised table / bump at exisiting pedestrian crossing near Okehmpton road
  • New Zebra crossing outside the church
  • Raised table / bump at Kemp Road
  • Moving give way line further forward on side roads
  • 9 new Trees
  • Remove ugly fencing / railings
Did I miss anything? Looks great, I think it'll make a real difference - hopefully discouraging people driving dangerously / at speed.

I'll try to add a legible picture here:

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Buses on the Rise

An interesting article on the Brent & Kilburn Times website about 'Ghost Buses' on Chamberlayne Road - primarily identifying the 302 as being under used - perhaps only interesting to me and my transport fetish.

A consultation will be launched on plans to change route 302 from Kensal Rise to Queen’s Park which could result in fewer buses using Chamberlayne Road. It is suggested that the 302 (which follows the 52 to Willesden) is under utilised and a 'waste of public funding'

Apparently bus companies are paid £4.70 / mile irrespective of the passenger numbers.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Dry cleaners

I note the drcleaners on Station Terrace has a new (temporary) sign, suggesting new management? It's probably a good thing - I only used the previous place once as I found it extremely expensive. 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

'Sun Riser' event in June

Today I saw a poster for the 'Sun Riser' event on Thursday 20th June 3PM till late. My first impression was - what a great idea, but why on a Thursday?!
Looks like all the key characters and shops are taking part, and being promoted by our friends at Rise Guide.
I certainly hope to take part - after work - and enjoy some food and drink from the best of Chamberlayne Road!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Minkies, Love KR and Speed

The other day I spotted a new Minkies Deli in West Hampstead - it's on the left as you leave the Overground station - looks more like a kiosk than a cafe, anyone sampled the coffee / prices?

I spotted a planning application for a lift at Kensal Rise station. 1 lift to serve the Eastbound platform. It looks like it puts the shop 'Love KR' at risk; I know my wife loves 'Love KR', it's a great local asset!

I understand that a consultation on the proposed Chamberlayne Road 20mph scheme is imminent - from Harvist Road to Okehampton Road - I'll make an effort to post any details when they're published.

Anyone know what's going to be in the shop next to the Butcher's - some have said another estate agents, but that may be just taking the pis*.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Special Yoga Centre Fundraiser

I knew Kensal Rise had a Yoga Centre, but I have just recent found out about the children they help with special needs.

I read this article in the Evening Standard last night, and how they are trying to raise £700,000 to support more children with special needs.

There's an art auction on Wednesday 15th May to raise funds - link

A great asset to Kensal Rise - and to London.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Traffic Lights Changing

After this I will write a post on paint drying, but bear with me. This weekend I was caught in two sets of traffic lights - one the temporary ones on Chamberlayne Road near the Chamberlayne Pub, and the other the ones that let you onto Harrow Road from All Souls Avenue.

The reason I mention it was because both times the sequence was not X-Y-Z, but X-Y-Z-Y-Z-X, insofar as they represent different streams of traffic. And I, obviously was in the X. I've never encountered this before, when traffic either crossing or coming in the other direction gets to go twice before its your turn again. 

Revised sports centre plan

Opposite the Benson & Hedges flats. I'm not sure why it was controversial

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The 'eyesore'

I think I once christened it that, the place that is next to Scarlet & Violet and I think was once a British Legion club. Anyway there's a lot of building work going on now. Did we decide what it is to be - another estate agent?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New charity shop, and ...

I walked past the new charity shop next door to The Chamberlayne pub (ex Their nibs) - it opens on Monday 15th. Looks a little sparse at the moment - but I assume that will change as it builds momentum. I know I could do with a new tennis racquet for £10!

I also noticed work has started on another shop closer to the station between the butchers and the kitchen shop - anybody know what that's going to be?

I hope this is a good sign - vacant shops being populated. Fingers crossed no more estate agents (after Greene & co.)

Also, just heard that The Diner is to be 'Madame Gautier Traiteur & Bistro' - my French isn't great but wikipedia suggest Traiteur effectively means 'delicatessen'.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pomelo has a new name

I noticed today the Chinese restaurant on Chamberlayne Road, Pomelo, has a new name (and looks a bit different). Is that a recent thing or am I telling you things that happened six months ago?

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Art, architects and Scandinavians

On Friday we were walking past C99 - other place opposite Kensal Rise station and realised it was 'open' so went in. It's an art gallery currently showing a local Scandinavian artist Ylva Kunze - some amazing pieces. I was also interested by the building (open plan modern finish, floor to ceiling windows at the back), and the fact an architect firm operates from down stairs.

Still no sign of charity shop, Greene & co. or any change at the Diner. The parking bay outside Golden Tower Tesco's, is that a legit 'pop to the shops' parking spot?

PS. Currently battling spam influx, apologies if your comment takes a little while to get posted

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Princess Frederica Expansion Meeting - Thursday 21/3

Plans are afoot at Princess Frederica school - See below

"Princess Frederica (College Road / Purves Road) is holding an informal consultation on the possibility of expanding the school from 2 form entry to 3 form entry, increasing each year intake by 30 students. In order to achieve this, major building work will be required for approximately 2 years, as well as road works to limit and/or redirect traffic near the school. It is a decision that not only affect parents with children at the school, but future parent/students, and the entire Kensal Rise area.

A Public Governing Body Meeting will take place this Thursday 21st March from 6.30pm. 

Please come along to listen to the discussion including representations summarising the views for and against expansion."

Saturday, 9 March 2013

What's new?

Matt has kindly invited me to contribute to his blog - so, what's going on in Kensal Rise of recent?

Their Nibs has moved on, but the shop is being refitted - but what will it be?
Aubreys is going from strength to strength - try it if you haven't already. Aubreys is on station terrace behind Minkies.
So far no sign of Green and Co. next to Scarlet & Violet (yet another estate agent)
Nandos has been with us a while now, so is it good or bad for the Rise?

Anyone else notice the Overground train being particularly busy last week in the mornings?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

From the comments update

Anonymous said...

New news is that the guy who owns the lovely cooked meat stall in the farmer's market has acquired the Diner and that the guys from the Salusbury are opening an Italian restaurant in Lonsdale Rd. The video shop in QP is to be an optician
There's a big review of Parlour here. 
Also I see Nando's is open. It certainly looks quite nice from the outside. Also I think Winkworth's estate agents is now open too. Otherwise pretty quiet.