Monday, 30 April 2012

The new flats

We had a look around the new flats. There is a nicely fitted out 1/2 bed showflat, and two or three others that have finished kitchens/bathrooms but no other furnishings. They seemed a reasonable size and had nice balconies, worth a look if you are nosy or interested.  The staff were very helpful.

The gold apparently will not tarnish, so I do wonder whether it is going to dazzle drivers on a sunny day! When the sun hit the balcony it was quite hard to look at it directly.

Anyway I think I'm largely in favour of it, London's house prices are too high and so we have to accept new building, especially upwards. What do other people think?

I've also done some research and it appears there is no decision yet on what the supermarket underneath will be. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

It's very gold

The new Big Block of flats is very gold, isn't it? It's like someone's dropped a Macau casino on top of Kensal Rise. God knows what it'll be like when the sun hits it - probably dazzling drivers from Kensington to Wembley.

We were going to look in the show apartment but got there too late.

Harvist seems to have been nearly gutted in its renovation>

Crazy Baker is opening a cafe in what used to be True Associates' tiny office next to the Big Block. 

Friday, 6 April 2012

A couple of things

There's some activity going on in what was Shake It! on Chamberlayne Road. And there's a notice up outside The Shop saying Brent Council has been asked to look again into its licensing agreement. Anything else? Have we determined if the shop under the new block of flats is going to be a Tesco or something else. I think anything else - a Lidl even - would be good so as to increase choice and competition.