Friday, 17 September 2010

London's Bohemian vanguard

That's who lives in Kensal Rise, and it's not me saying so, but no less an authority than the New York Times. They've even nicked this blog's name for their story.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Portobello Dock events in ten days

Starting 20th September, this might be interesting. We went to something similar last year, and it was quite good.

Living Etc and comment deletionn and recycling

Does anyone want about three years of Living Etc magazine and a few Elle Decorations? We're having a clearance and the magazines are destined for the recycle box.

Also apologies to someone whose comment on key cutters I deleted by accident, they suggested Queen's Park near the station I think.

Jessie left an interesting comment on Brent Council's new recycling policy - it's here. It seems to be alternate fortnightly collection of recycled stuff (this time including carboard) and other.

I like the idea of including cardboard in the recycling, as it was a bit strange having to separate out paper and cardborad. But every fortnight is a bit, well, rubbish.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

The cycle hire scheme

I've been signed up to this since it started (somewhat accidentally) and have used it four or five times. It only extends as far as St John'w Wood or Maida Vale in this direction, so doesn't help Kensal Rise day-to-day life. But in the centre of London it seems to work quite well.

The bike is robust and quite easy to pedal, which I assume will remain the case as they will be maintained more often than normal. The 'basket' which is a bit at the front with an elasticated tie, is adequated. The docking stations are plentifuli, and the only problem I've found is some being empty or full at peak periods. I'm told you can see the details online.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Kensal Rise has it all!

I'll restrain the cynicism that Ms Phillips is looking to sell, and instead direct you all to her article - working title "Kensal Rise is the best place in the world evah!"