Thursday, 19 April 2007

Restaurant - Bawarchi

I went to Bawarchi Indian restaurant last night, on Chamberlayne Road. I'd say this is a definitely a cut above your average Indian, with the chef previously having worked in the House of Commons where he cooked a Biryani for John Major's 50th Birthday (which admittedly was back in 1993). It looks good too - modern and stylish.

The food - well I have to admit I had the Tandoori mixed grill, probably the least Indian dish one could have, but it was very tasty, with good quality meat, a hot but not too hot sauce, and excellent rice and naan bread. The girlfriend had a selection of vegetable dishes, which I will be sampling for lunch today, but she said they were good. So definitely recommended, particularly if you are in the Greyhound pub next door.


Anonymous said...

Being of Indian decent and having my dad grow up near Brick Lane I would consider myself as something of a curry expert.

I have tried all of the Indian restaurants in Kensal Rise / Queens Park and consider all of them to be second rate and nothing in comparison to the Karahe Queen in Wembley.

Ok, so it's a bit further away but well worth the bus ride (number 18 from Harrow Road).

It's nothing fancy as it looks like the Indian equivalent of a Whimpey bar but the food is something else and incredibly cheap. It's also BYO.

I wouldn't take a first date there they would think you were a cheapskate but if you like good authentic Indian food then this is the place for you.

They will also deliver to Kensal Rise. They pay the first £5 delivery and you pay the rest. It's an extra £6 on top of your food bill to Hanover Road where I live.

The tandoori lamb chops are out of this world they melt in the mouth and a bargain at £4 for at least 6 chops. They also do a huge selection of vegetarian dishes.

Visit the restaurant if you can the address is 332 Wembley High Road which is just around the corner from Wembley Stadium station but if not then order a takeaway. Trust me you won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

Being half-Indian myself, I have tried various restaurants all over London - including several in Brick Lane.

By being severely disappointed with Brick Lane and the others, I found Bawarchi by accident and decided to try it one night...needless to say, I get food from here once a week now!

The food is always fresh, meat is always tender, veges always tasty. I have almost sampled everything on the menu and each meal has a different taste - not like other restaurants, where they use the same base-sauce and just "spice it up" or "down" for each different dish.

These meals are very authentic and do not come with a thick layer of oil on top - again, like most other restaurants I have tried...

I urge everybody to try Bawarchi because honestly, it's the best Indian food I have found in the whole of London...and the staff are extremely welcoming also!

Anonymous said...

Try 'Raj' restaurant. We went there last week and were very impressed. The service was excellent, and the food was fantastic -as was the presentation of the food.