Monday, 10 September 2007

Guides to Kensal Rise

Well they also use my not-that-innovative-name, and they have the cheek to say our beloved area is "still a bit dodgy" (well for me at least it's currently 1-1 on car windows being smashed with Kensington Park Road, so there!), but they do link here (for the Chamberlayne "review") and otherwise it's great to see Gridskipper having a groovy collection of bar/restaurant reviews and a nice use of google maps for Kensal Rise.

They say they got their information on Samson Miro from Urban Junkies, which also has a nice write up.

Basically I think the bar/pub/restaurant collection is just about covered now - there's seven good ones within a 10-min walk of Kensal Rise train station. What the place needs is some decent shops - a butchers would be great.

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Nicole said...

Or somewhere that sold a better supply of veggies not the tatty couple of tomatoes & a week old bunch of parsley that all of the 101 local newsagents sell.

And on that point how do they all make money, there are 4 next to each other on Oakhampton road all selling the ame stuff.