Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Press release time

The Regent, down Regent Street, is advertising its new burgers. I've not tried them, but I quite like the Regent, but during the day or in summer, not when it gets a bit busy.

I would take issue with the claim

The brothers have turned what was once an unloved old boozer into an open plan ground floor pub with a home-from-home feel.

The pub before was called Astons, which was a sister pub to one in West Hampstead. At the time I lived in West Hampstead, and we thought Astons was great when it first opened. It went downwhill rapidly and was shut down, but the one in Kensal Green lingered longer and even two years ago was going strong, looking much like the Regent does now.

Update: Sorry about lack of posts. Have some on old pictures of Kensal Rise and fantastic Italian and Portuguese delis to come, albeit perhaps not in the next few days.

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