Saturday, 19 July 2008

L'Angolo is being upgraded

I kept meaning to post how much we like L'Angolo Italian Delicatessen, to be found on 14 College Road in Kensal Rise (or is that Kensal Green? Probably is). It has a fantastic selection of Italian food - parma ham, cheese, wine, arangini - and given its just an old-fashioned Italian food shop the prices are not at all high. We go every week.

This week however it was closed for refurbishment - and from what we can see it looks as if it will be excellent. It also looked as it it's going to have a small eat-in counter - whether that's just coffee and biscuits or something more substantial we'll have to wait and see (I expect it re-opens next week). Anyway hopefully the prices won't go up to reflect the trendy new look.

Update: Well it's open, and it's much larger and now has a coffee bar you can sit at. Still seems to be same prices so all is well. Doesn't have the same musty deli smell, but I'm sure that'll come with time.

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