Thursday, 12 March 2009

Tesco minor update

I see Tescos now has some posters on the boarding so I think we can safely assume they are coming. I'm for the move, although I see it could put a lot of the small shops out of business which will have some negative effects.

Harvist remains 'about to open'.

I've not seen anything else new. I'm working on a Kensal Rise/Green map which I'll put up soon.


MB said...

Tesco opening in Kensal Rise will be disastrous for the local area. In nearly every place they open up 'metro or local' stores you will find the closing of local, often family run businesses. Tesco follow a similar pattern throughout. They employ as few people as possible on as little as possible (watch out for automatic cashiers), they undercut prices of local businesses upon opening and gradually raise them.

Those who want to see Kensal Rise continue to grow as an independent, local area should oppose this Tesco.

Anonymous said...

It's also going to be a nightmare when people start parking and double parking in all the nearby roads. The council's solution will be to bombard us with traffic wardens to collect the lovely loot. But for the rest of us this just means that anyone visiting you for ten minutes will need a visitor's permit to avoid a ticket. very annoying.

Richard said...

I understand they are digging out the basement to make an even bigger store. At least it'll be competition for overpriced Sainsbury's