Friday, 10 April 2009

New things!

Courtesy of a commenter on the post below:

Just heard that Gail's Patisserie is taking over Baker & Spice, Pizza Express interested in Nikki Noodle premises and The Salusbury Deli is to close for 6 weeks for a refurb.


yep said...

I would like Tesco Express on Station Terrace to have a cash machine.
I would like Pomelo's to decide which Asian cuisine it's going to offer, (should be Malaysian 'cos theat's where they are from) and up its game somewhat.
I also think a video rental shop (or am I a bit old fash) and a pizza express (nothing lower ) would be lovely, thanks.

Also what is that new grocery shop next to the 52 bus stop going south doing? They like displaying their foods nicely but don't care for price labels nor do they sell much...

Anonymous said...

There is work going on in the vacant shop next to Eat Sushi, I have been told it is going to be either a childrens or adults clothes shop.

There is also work happening on one side of the old HOME site. Does anyone know what is going there?