Monday, 25 May 2009

Crime issues

I mentioned on this site a few weeks ago that my wallet had been stolen in Kensal Rise. I found out yesterday when checking a credit card statement that it had in fact been used the evening I had lost it, in the hour or so before I realised and reported it as stolen.

The strange thing is the thief took the card and used it to spend £315 in a Carribean takeaway/restaurant nearby. This raises all manner of interesting questions - if the restaurant wasn't in on the scam, what could be purchased in such a place that would cost that much money (and without the pin?)? Wouldn't it have raised suspicions? But if they were in on the scam, why would someone with a fixed address do such a thing?

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

That is one hell of an expensive Jerk chicken meal. They must have been in on the scam. To spend £315 in a local restaurant is almost impossible without expensive wine. Not sure vintage Red Stripe is available.

Out of interest where was the wallet stolen?

Hope you get the money back.

Matthew said...

I don't really know. I went into William IV & the Mason Arms, but I don't know if it was pickpocketed or I dropped it and the person who found it kept it. I'd only had the two drinks so I doubt I'd dropped it really. But you never know, I was carrying my coat which is a bit risky.

I kind of agree but weird to be in on a scam that is so traceable.

MKBalways said...

Would be good to know which take away/restaurant it is because if that's what they've done they could well do it again and we should be giving them a wide berth.

Thanks for updating us and good luck with getting the money back.

Matthew said...

I don't like to say in case they are totally innocent, but it's not one in the immediate area (it's well into Harlesden) and then apparently (new information) they tried McDonald's, but by that point the card had been stopped.

Anonymous said...

Good to know it was not local. Doesn't make it any better though for you.

Jessie said...

It may not be the restaurant itself that is in on the scam, just a member of their staff. Did you report it to the police and do they know about the extremely expensive portion of curried goat? Let's face it, they can't have eaten anything if they went on to try and use it in Mucky D's. Unless following a hugely expensive meal you fancy a McFlurry?
Best of luck getting the money back and let's hope the cheeky so an' so gets caught.

Anonymous said...

exactly the same happened to my friend - she had her purse stolen from the chamberlayne and the card was used in caribbean restaurant in harlesden too and she had nearly £200 taken from her card