Monday, 27 July 2009

Robert Plant in car crash in Kensal Rise

No-one seriously hurt I'm pleased to say, but apparently it was at the junction of Harrow Road and Kensal Rise. Which is where exactly? Do they mean Chamberlayne Road?


foxytom said...

Or maybe by the bakerloo station. People get confused by that traffic light

Anonymous said...

No it was the infamous Harrow Road/Kilburn Lane /Ladbroke Grove Crossing I was there just after it happened ! Didn't see Robert P as they were taken into the church yard just after it happened. At the time I didn't realise a superstar was involved!!
Perhaps this publicity will make them finally do something about this death trap crossing !

Jessie said...

That junction is getting worse!!!! They re-phased the lights a few months ago and now drivers race through because they stay green for such a short time. Makes it damn-near impossible for a pedestrian to cross both lanes. I've noticed a number of cars jumping the lights after they have turned red so I'm not surprised there's been a prang there. (But what are the chances of Robert Plant driving into a drug councellor???!!)

Kensal Triangle Residents Assoc have tried their best to get a pedestrian crossing there but from what I recall, it is made extra complicated as that junction is in fact in three different boroughs!!! I think the end result of their most recent attempts was "You'll have to wait for a fatality".... nice!