Sunday, 6 December 2009

Election material

We seem to be getting a huge amount of this posted through the door - mostly from the Conservatives, but also the Liberal Democrats. I find it quite annoying - surely the election is not until May 2010? Or is there a by-election I don't know about?


The Drooper said...

We've just had a by-election over in Westminster, maybe they got lost because they don't get up this way much? Labour held it by the way, with an increased majority.

Anonymous said...

Only 1300 people voted !
What a Poor turn out
It doesn't take much to be made a Local councilor

Patricia McAllister, Labour - 814 votes - 62.6 per cent
Conservative - 211 votes - 16.2 per cent
Green - 152 votes - 11.7 per cent
Lib Dem - 123 votes - 9.5 per cent

Anonymous said...

Look it maybe because they are going to bring a snap election in March and therefore it is why we are being bombarded.

Councillor Joseph is set to make it interesting as she is a Conservative Councillor and seeking election as such for the first time. Good old Bertha has served us well for years can't see a change of party upsetting that.

As for numbers, you would be surprised how few votes it takes to become a Labour councillor in Stonebridge, locally and we have three Labour Councillors there with not 3000 votes between them.