Saturday, 29 January 2011

Car crashes into Harvist

My wife went to Harvist yesterday to go for lunch with her parents, and found it smashed up. Here's why - a Mercedes was driven into it at about 11am. That article suggests it wasn't an accident (I hesitate to say deliberate). Some photos here, here and a video here. It seems amazing no-one was hurt, but apparently so.

My wife also said on Thursday there were lots of police and an air ambulance. The only reference I can see is a Tweet saying there had been a 'pile-up'. Anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Good job no one was hurt. Though I do feel very sorry for Ben-the owner. He's always pleasnt and always has a smile whenever I go in. It's such a shame this has happened to Harvist. I hope it's not too long before it opens again.

Anonymous said...

The accident on Thursday was a car crash, near Runners/at that intersection. A man on a bike or moped was injured and the whole area sectioned off.
I also now see that the shop next to Runners has a broken window - what happened there? Whats going on in Kensal Rise!?! :)

Anonymous said...

No it wasnt an accident but a police action, 3 guys took off in a car, robbery, the police cauth them at Clifford Gardens.

Anonymous said...

To avoid alarm; the armed robbery was somewhere in the borough of Wesminister and the Police instigated a 'hard stop' in Kensal Rise.

The Harvist incident was due to some poor women who apparently had mental health issues driving her car into Harvist.

A rozzer in Gracelands told me.