Tuesday, 5 April 2011


This year I had no reminder of my parking permit coming up for renewal, and now, eight days after I renewed it, I have still not received it. The parking office does not answer the telephone or reply to emails.

Anyone else had a similar experience? I expect there is chaos at the introduction of the new variable parking fees.

ps I spoke to some neighbours, none who got reminders. One went to the Parking Office and said it was a horrible mess. Why does the council introduce these schemes if it can't handle them?


Anonymous said...

Because I didn't get a reminder in respect of 1st April I didn't renew but got a PCN on 15th April, which I will appeal against since the website clearly says that the council should have sent a renewal reminder containing an Online Code and a Permit Reference. Unfortunately the .pdf renewal form available on the site does not print properly, blocking most of the text.

Anonymous said...

I have expereinced the same. Atiya

Anonymous said...

For the last 10 years I have been sent reminders at least 6 weeks in advance, but as I received nothing this year I forgot that I was due for a renewal and got a penalty last Friday. I immediately went to the Parking Office to renew my permit where I met three other residents in the same predicament. I have written my complaint to the Council but the response I had on phone today from their parking officer is that it was only a courtesy reminder and that I am responsible for renewing it.

My complaint is that I had not been issued with a prior reminder or the relevant form to complete, as had been the process for the last 10 years which I had become accustomed to. While it is my responsibility to renew my parking permit, it is also the Council's responsibility to at least inform residents of changes made to established processes, so that they may prepare and adapt accordingly. As they failed to inform me that reminders would no longer be issued, I was not given the opportunity to prepare or adapt accordingly, and for this I was penalised.

I would like to know if other people are in a similar position and whether we should all organise a petition. Together we might have more power than each one separately making a complaint. Please get back to me through this website. My email is amunir@live.co.uk

Anonymous said...

"Why does the council introduce these schemes if it can't handle them?"

One word: "Money"