Saturday, 23 July 2011

I'm back!!

Sorry for the lack of posting again, this time I was away on a Baltic cruise for two weeks and then on my return found my computer was not working. It's kinda fixed now.

So I see The Shop, Chamberlayne Road is open, but I've not been in. There's a mini-review here.

The large block of flats is getting finished and there was an interesting comment on one of the posts below about the council's failings with respect to providing low-cost accommodation. Also any news on the store below it?

I see Harvist remains unopened - is that for good?

There's been some library events - I see Phillip Pullman was speaking at one.

We're out and about in the Rise today so I'll update on anything new we find.


indrani banerjee said...

i lyked all of it...jst got yur blog in my random reading...but it gav me a pause to yurs...:)
blog seems preety cool...\m/ ;)

Anonymous said...

There is a big new coffee shop opening on Lonsdale Road soon. Ginger and White. Big interior and outdoor space. Maybe this will make Jacks improve on their dismal offerings.
Ginger and Whitewill be where the old printers were. 47-49 lonsdale road.

Anonymous said...

Harvist us being worked on. New doors, borders.

iain said...

Nick Cave was at the opening of The Shop

Anonymous said...

I have heard a Waitrose is opening on Chamberlayne Road - under the new block of flats???

Anonymous said...

OOO OOO, what was yer Baltic cruise like, where did you go??

Whats happening in what used to be the olive branch on station terrace.

Anonymous said...

Olive Branch to be a jerk chicken shop