Saturday, 20 August 2011

Brief update

A commenter says that what was Olive Branch is to be a jerk chicken shop.

Dock Kitchen is hosting its usual London design week event in September but I can't find the details at the moment.

It's Queen's Park Day on 11 September.

The Shop, a bar, seems very popular.

The debate continues in the comments to the post below about whether there will be a Waitrose in Kensal Rise. I'm sceptical, but there is a little evidence.


Anonymous said...

I got this from Waitrose themselves. Disappointing if true.

"Although we are looking to expand, we cannot confirm that we have any plans to open a branch at Kensal Rise at this time.

Kind Regards,

Waitrose Customer Sales and Support"

Anonymous said...

I asked one of the foreman the other day, he said it will be a Waitrose. I wouldn't put money on it with just this guy as an informant, but I do live in hope! (ah this must be early onset middle age for me!)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

See Quint Fashions is being done up.

Matthew said...

Yes, I wonder what to be?