Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Kensal Rise Residents' Association

Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, but if anyone else fancies popping along let us know what was discussed in the comments:

Kensal Rise Residents Association
1st meeting 7PM Wed 14/9/11
- email for details rik.smith.uk(at)gmail.com


Julie said...

Great to see so many passionate neighbours at this first meeting over tea, cake and a cheeky wine. Litter, fly tipping, noisy buses, lack of trees, poor pavements and speed of traffic on the chamberlayne road all discussed. Other key topics were KRRA's boundary of concern, objectives and ways to get after the issues.
Look forward to receiving the minutes. Thanks, Rik, for taking the initiative.

Anonymous said...

I think dog mess around the local streets is also something that needs to be addressed. Not sure what the solution would be but there seems to be a disgusting amount!

Marketa Zvelebil said...

All the bins and now only every two weeks bin emptying...wish I had known about this meeting...sigh. Great blog btw.