Sunday, 6 November 2011

New shop?

Not a lot going on. There's a planning application for 103 Chamberlayne Road,which was that fostering agency. No details, so I'm not sure what it is?


Rik said...

The planning application is for a sign. the details would suggest it is a regular illuminated sign full width across the shop - like everybody else on the road.

Height from ground = 2.57m
sign details:
height = 0.86m
width = 2.124m
depth = 0.1m (how much it protrudes from the building = not much)

I have every intention of ringing up the firm applying and asking politely to know what the shop will be - perhaps more info to follow

Rik said...

PS - 72 and 74 chamberlayne road (the 2 derelict shops between the Diner and the florist) is about to be sold - it is currently licence as a drinking establishment (used to be a British legion) but could get a licence as a restaurant.

Sale is progressing with exchange to happen soon - so says the selling Agent.

Anonymous said...

The shop next to the Halal butchers on Station Terrace is being refurbished again too.

Wonder whatever happened to the people who were going to take over the eyesore "Quint Fashions" derelict shop?

Rik said...

Sorry to say, but it is not a new shop, but a 'new' Estate Agents.

The Applicant is: Abacus Estates, 104 Fortune Green Road, West Hampstead, London, NW6 1DS

I spoke the the company Agent that applied for permission (a shop fitters i think) - I was able to establish that the sign and the frontage will be very similar to their existing place in West Hampstead (nothing special)

Any thoughts on yet another Estate Agents (probably closed at weekends) - good sign for those property owners, bad for those wanting a nice shop...

Matthew said...

Rik - you mean 103 Chamberlayne Road, not the 'eyesore', yes?

It's a shame, I mean estate agents are better than empty ugly properties but only just. Does reflect the slightly insane Kensal Rise property market at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Yet another estate agents, full of properties no one can afford. Shame really, I was hoping for something useful!

Rik said...

Yes - it's 103. The "eyesore" is only being sold, not leased yet.

Also, "Shake it" is closing down - so say signs, and there's a "To Let" boards above it. I must admit, living close to shake it I have been a few times, but it always looked a bit naff - plastic chairs / tables, harsh lighting.

New shops 'on the Rise?' fingers crossed.

Matthew said...

Shake it survived much longer than I expected, seems a shame it's going given it survived this long.

Rik said...

103 will be an Abacus Estates - opening in January. confirmed when i phoned Abacus today. They keen to contribute to the community.

Oh and they'll be open on Saturdays - at least that means they'll have some kind of life / activity during the weekend.