Saturday, 14 April 2012

It's very gold

The new Big Block of flats is very gold, isn't it? It's like someone's dropped a Macau casino on top of Kensal Rise. God knows what it'll be like when the sun hits it - probably dazzling drivers from Kensington to Wembley.

We were going to look in the show apartment but got there too late.

Harvist seems to have been nearly gutted in its renovation>

Crazy Baker is opening a cafe in what used to be True Associates' tiny office next to the Big Block. 


Cllr James Powney said...


You might like to note that the Moberly Sports Centre next door has a huge redevelopment proposed. This will give the sports centre more facilities (e.g. a swimming pool) but also includes housing which will greatly increase the bulk of the building.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about Crazy Baker - does that mean their premises on Kilburn Lane will stay?

Stuff on Brent website about A3 conversion of 'Harvist' too, all approved in March.