Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Kensal Rise temperature

I own a weather station, and here is the temperature every hour from last Monday to yesterday. Note the impact of Saturday's rainstorm. Note these aren't temperatures you would necessarily see from the Met Office as about 12pm to 4pm the weather station is partly in the sun.


Anonymous said...

Check out Saturday's Harrow Road Flood photos :
www.ktra.co.uk - news page tab
You won't believe what you see !

Anonymous said...

Thank you to whoever gave the link to the Harrow Road Flood photos on the ktra website.
I have been in dispute since Monday with my insurance company who 'queried' my claim because their information was the area had only between 2 & 3 cms of rain that day. We are in Keslake Rd but they accepted the photos as validating my claim that there had been a flash flood. The Met Office wanted £85 for a written report and Thames Water can only 'promise' to deal with queries within 10days!! So thank you, thank you. Evidence that your blog is brilliant.

KTRA said...

I'm glad the KTRA website was of use
and Thank you Matthew for this blog
Its really great!

If people got together and formed a Kensal Rise Residents Association then so much could be done
Brent Council would have to listen to residents issues further up CHAMBERLYNE ROAD like they have down here in the Kensal Triangle
People power really does work

Jessie said...

Hi Anonymous - I'm glad the KTRA helped you convince your insurance company. Sadly I do believe what you see on their website as it is the second time it has happened in exactly the same place!! It will be raised at the next KTRA meeting on Monday 6th at WIV

Matthew - what temperature is your weather station reading this afternoon? In my "office" (read sitting room!) it is jolly hot and stuffy!!