Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The new fish & chip shop

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This was what one commenter mentioned the other day which I had confused for the new Italian. Talking of the new Italian - the note on the door is not clear as to whether it is a restaurant (my assumption and hope) or a deli (which we already have one fantastic one and quite a few good ones).


Jessie said...

I peered in through the shutters last night. Looks ready to open. There used to be a Palm Beach chippie there years ago, run by a couple who had a son so I'm wondering if he has decided to start it up again.

Anonymous said...

How would you rate the following delis (apologies for the spelling)?

Mangia e Bevi

Strengths and weaknesses?

Mine would be:


Great for coffee and their fennel salami is ace. The bread on a weekend is amazing. Friendly staff. My favourite.


Convenient but expensive.

Mangia e Bevi

Great meats and very reasonable prices. Woman a bit miserable sometimes.


Never really been in there.

Matthew said...

I think I posted on this a few months ago.

The only one we use regularly, in fact really at all, is l'angolos (the corner, apparently). I think it represents good value for money, and certainly gives the impression of having been there for a long time and less perhaps 'trendy' in the sense of North London deli, with all the associated high prices.

Minkies I sometimes buy coffee from, don't think their food selection is very good, but that's not really its main thing, I think.

Never been to Mangia e Bevi as 'wrong' end of Kensal Rise for me.

Kandana also not really used.

I think they're all a pretty good addition to the area and clearly serve their respective sub-areas. But l'angolos is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

So the Ho is Home is being stocked up. Any ideas?

Matthew said...

Yes, slightly strangely it's going to be hair products/extensions etc, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Just what I need. A coffee, croissant and my hair extended. Hmmm!

Anonymous said...

Mangia e Bevi is a wonderful deli and very good coffee too. If the lady and her father there seem sad - it is because her mother died very suddenly only a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Shame that. But my experience of them being miserable is based over a few years. My thoughts are with them though.

MKB always said...

Have been going to L'Angolo, or Tony's as it used to be before Carmello bought it, for years and have always had super service and one can be sure of good quality stuff from there.

Minkies - not been much, but bought bread twice was dry and very expensive, pastries/cakes quite good.

I've never been to Mangia & Bevi but my husband has and says the guy is very helpful and got some good bread from there.

Never been to Kandana, will try it.

Anonymous said...

So, the shop next to Luca is going to be a Brazilian hair extension/products. Shame.

There is a rumour that Brilliant Kids has been bought by another restauranter and will be turned into a restaurant. Good news for Station Terrace.

What we need is a decent fishmongers too. One in the league of the one in Golborne Road (yet a a bit cheaper) would be ace.

Anonymous said...

Re: the delis, my views:
- Miro's Grocer has the best produce, fresh fish, cakes & pastries but is very pricey;
- Kandana is good for cheese and does great coffee, but rest of range is a bit limited
- the eggplant parmigiana at Mangia e Bevi is delicious and the parmesan relatively cheap and good, but don't buy much else there
- don't go to L'Angelos much (not sure why) but like their Arancini balls, fresh veg and they have good range of olive oils, tinned italian tomatoes etc;
- Minkies does good sandwiches, OK bread and the best chocolate brownies EVER (I have friends who I have got hooked who come from several suburbs away to get them), but again, is overpriced.
Really hope The Olive Branch focuses on doing proper thin crust Napoli style wood fired oven pizzas, and is 'family friendly'.
Agree that the area desperately needs a good fishmonger.
Is anyone else disappointed at the range in the new Tesco? Seems to be aiming at lower end of the market, no organic produce or 'Tesco Finest' (or is this a good thing as it isn't directly competing with the delis?)

Disneyrollergirl.net said...

I LOVE Kandana! The sandwiches are delicious and although it's kind of expensive (around the £4 mark), I don't really mind as the sandwiches are so big that I can split one in half and eat it over two days and it won't go stale or soggy. Anyone know where I can buy Poilane bread in Kensal Rise/Green?

Anonymous said...

Kandana is amazing for those with a sweet tooth. Both the banoffe pie & the cheesecake are to die for & as for the Polish apple turnover - OMG!!!