Saturday, 28 November 2009

New things(ish)

I see the ex flower shop by the Overground station has got new windows and looks like it's going to be something new, or at least got into a condition in order to let it out. Also the pizza place opposite Tesco has closed for refurbishment, which was probably overdue.

Not a lot else going on. Miros deli under new ownership superficially looks just like it used to, but I thought perhaps the produce was a little more 'everyday' which is no bad thing.

There's various Christmas fairs and things I must get around to posting.


Anonymous said...

Its so good what is happening at the old Miros, now called Whyte's Deli, Cafe, they are doing all kinds of great home cooked meals sandwiches, and soups. and everything is great, I have seen that the owner is a local boy, and his mother owns' Roundwood Lodge, so we can expect some great things from that input.
I noticed that they are training special needs people in the industry, which shows a true link with the mother who has always been a community Matron.
At nineteen years old to be running his own Social Enterprise, it bodes well for the future of the shop. I hope everyone will support it and we will not lose another shop to the recession from our area.

Anonymous said...

What a dream to have a new and really vibrant cafe deli in the neighborhood, the old Miros',it is under new owners and it is a young man on his first venture in life, and starting a social enterprise no less, sure it is just getting started and they are working things out, but as always the food is excellent and the produce is fresh and great quality and so cheap, I was amazed to see they were cheaper than Tesco, and much cheaper than Miros, who were always dreadfully expensive
Good luck to them and welcome to Kensal Green.

Anonymous said...

Visited the Deli this morning, and had the most wonderful home made apple cake, saw jamie Cullum coming out of Whyte's laden with home made organic goodies.

This place is wonderful and can't wait for the cafe side to open up looks as though it will be great when it does. as the take away food I have eaten is probably the best in North London and so cheap, I don't know how they do it. Baguettes filled with great fresh produce it is fantastic. and the everyday winter soups are out of this world.

Anonymous said...

Went to Whytes deli cafe today for the first time, Old Miro's grocery, took my kids and ate really good home cooked food, I am so happy to see new business opening, it would be a pity if our high street joined the many others with empty shops and closed business.

Whytes is that new breed of place that trys to stock a little of what you fancy and then has a great backbone of home made meals. Hope they manage to survive the current economic climate, so as the old saying goes, use em or lose em.
Try the home made cakes they are delicious.

Anonymous said...

The young fella who runs this seems a really nice chap. Always chatty.

Someone mentioned the cafe side of this venture? Where will that be as too small inside for tables at the moment.

Wish him well.

Anonymous said...

Well , like they said there is now a place to eat and drink at the Whyte's Deli, it changed overnight, must say I was really surprised by the quality of the food especially the home made stuff, and the meat was so cheap compared to what were are normally expected to pay elsewhere and cheaper on produce than the dreaded Tesco.

The staff there are really friendly and chatty and all local born, which is great, for an employer to think of that angle, especially like that the owner has taken the decision to train people with learning difficulties to run the day to day stocking and cleaning and stuff, saw the owner training one boy to make cappuccino and, he made one for me which was excellent.

Cant fault them really, just waiting to see what they will do when they are fully functioning. But we should support the local business and not the soulless Tesco, which has invaded our parade.

Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or are these all written by the same person?? If so, the author clearly feels passionately about the deli!

Regardless I look forward to visiting it soon.

Anonymous said...

Probably the wee fella's mum.

Matthew said...

Yes, it would perhaps be a good idea if commenters gave a name so we can see who is saying what.

Anonymous said...

I gave a comment earlier and supplied the blog owner with my details, I am nothing to do with them at all, so i think it unfair to jump to negative stuff, which I personally don't condone, but notice has jumped on here a lot recently over the Olive tree.

Susan Sharp

Anonymous said...

I thought when we supplied the blog site with our email address that was a way of saying who we were, I think it is unfair, as those people leaving negative stuff are also using the anonymity. cowards hide behind negative comments left anonymously.

This is one of my fave Blogs as I live locally and I am sad to see this invading it.

I have been to the shop and it is as they describe.

Mary NW10 3BS

Anonymous said...

Despite the negative things written out of spite, the deli is a great new idea for the area. We need something like that around here and I for one will use it. In the spirit of neighbourly behaviour may I ask people to refrain from saying negative things about our local businesses it is hard enough as it is for them to survive and the olive tree is a nice local place too.
Remember that this blog is available worldwide and we need to represent our area in a much more enlightened way than the current over dramatic moaning.
To even suggest that people are acting in a certain way, without the decency of facts being applied is detremental to the openess of this site and the community use we get from it. Elevate your minds please people.

Stuart cope

Anonymous said...

Woaaaah I wasn't meaning to be negative, just saying they're written in a strikingly similar way which suggested to me it's the same author! Apologies if I was wrong, but please chill out - I didn't actually say anything rude you know!

I've lived in the area all my life and think this is a great blog, just found it amusing that there was such a sudden influx of comments with almost identical syntax.

I'm sure Whyte's is a great deli, I've just not been by yet.

Anonymous said...

p.s. oh and I'm not trying to be anonymous, I just don't like to give my contact details to all and sundry. My name is Zoe for future reference.

Thanks again for a great blog, Matthew.

Jammie said...

Haven't been to Whyte's yet! But trust I'm not showing as Anony!

On another topic :-D (using the 'ish')

Went to the newly refurbished William IV down on Harrow Road - couldn't remember if all the blog goss on it had been concluded, so I quizzed a barman for you ;-)

The owners also own BrondesAge and Black Lion in Kilburn, and the Windmill in Cricklewood - none of them quite as lively as the Westbury.

Looks nice though, smart - need to check it out again on a Weekend.

Jammie said...

Oh yeah, and saw that shop on Kilburn Lane, "Lovely" - it does indeed look Lovely, but a little off the passing trade route...

Also, Merchant Archive, top end of Kilburn Lane, (Antique clothing) has a sales rail if anyone is a keen clothes shopper.

jammie x