Sunday, 1 November 2009


A commenter gives a Facebook site for Verandah, the shop on Chamberlayne Road near the junction with Wrentham Avenue. It's a nice site and joins the Kensal Rise groups (here and here).

Not much else going on - I see what was Baker & Spice looks like it'll be opening as a Gail's Patisserie (as on Portbello Road) within the next month, and the deli opposite which is part of the pub is closing down for two weeks for refurbishment.


Anonymous said...

Tha Salsubury pub nearly closed down due to the freeholder I think. All resolved now, but I heard they are having a re-fit with their menu more like the Chamberlayne.

Also heard the food in the King William IV is meant to be great.

Anyone been to Olive Branch in the evening yet? Hope it does well.

Matthew said...

We've had mixed reviews on the Olive Branch.

Pleased to hear about Salusbury - not somewhere (because of location) I went often but I always thought it didn't quite work as well as it could.

Anonymous said...

The William IV has had a complete refurbishment - Looks amazing - I even saw Rhys Ifans in there a couple of Fridays ago - When the refurb is done it will give the Paradise a run!
All god for the area - The tapas has gone but they now do brunch on a Saturday - which is nice.
Its also going to have a BBQ at the back. They have put some nice plants at the front and lots of new outdoor furniture too !

Anonymous said...

Shame the KWIV haven't updated their website. Be great to see new pics/sample of menu etc...

Anonymous said...

Olive Branch needs his off-license, without it it doesn't work.

Does anyone noticed what has been happening with Miro's Grocer lately?

Closing earlier, not opening on some days, and for the last month no wine!

MKB always said...

That location somehow has never worked - over the years have seen so many shops come and go. I do hope he/she succeeds.

Jammie said...

Palm Beach Chippie has opened. I nipped in to have a quick looksy. Looks nice, they have a seating area - no prices on the menu board yet and the sample chips they gave me weren't bad either.

Am waiting to see what they'll be like once it is in full flow, but think they will be better than the one up by the Kensal Rise station.


Anonymous said...

This was on the Mason's Arms Facebook site. For charity so could be fun.

Please join us for a night of great music, and one hell of
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20 different acts, 2 stages of live music and all in aid of charity.
The Kensal Town Fund, who have been raising money for charities
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Links to the 3 charity we're raising money for can be found below.

Kensal Town Fund parties never fail to sell-out and we would advise
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We're 4 on the 4th and we hope to see you all there.