Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A bus crash in Kensal Rise

It appears to have skidded into the Doctor's Surgey at Leigh Gardens. I hope no-one has been hurt; the road has been closed.

Photo here.


cosmo said...

College road is like and ice rink around Doyle Gdns. Cars and vans skidding around!

Unknown said...

features in BBC news article: and image:


Anonymous said...

Although the snow had been harsh and slippery under foot in the absence of our council's grit. In more ways than one. Venturing out in the cold, It was a pleasant break we had at the new deli , until the bus crashed through the doctors window and suddenly the council's lack of grit became a much greater issue, when the many souls whose lives are at risk from the council yet again failing to grit the roads. I wonder what our local councillor Powney is doing about it apart from moaning on his blog.
Kensal rise is a great place to live and we are fortunate to have such a great locale, but we are rather handicapped by being in Brent at present . Jeremy

Anonymous said...

It's a scandal how our side roads are left in gritted and the main roads are still not safe for us to navigate. Yet again our council have failed to grit our roads, to add to their many other failures of service to our community , it is a wonder we have schools and streetcare left.
With elections coming soon we should remember this winter and get rid of this awful council out of the townhall.

Anonymous said...

After reading the comment here I looked at Councillor Powney's blog and all I can say is I'm glad he doesn't represent Queen's Park ward . He moaned and moaned and was down right rude at one point.
It was a load of sour grapes - Brent is so much better off now it is not under Labour control- he obviously has a very clouded memory but I don't.

Anonymous said...

Wow are we unfortunate in Brent, have you seen the unvailing of the Adams family, who the Labour group has put forward for us in Kensal Rise. I am dreading them getting back in and the Liberals have run this borough into the ground. Powney is a bloodless thing akin to a creature of the night and all he does is moan and bitch at Bertha Joseph. He seems to have his head so far up Ann Johns butt that he can't think straight.
At least good old Bertha has been taking care of her side of things, she always looks after our interests and has done got the last quarter of a century. His blog is just moaning and complaining abot stuff , there is no politics at all . Alf

Drooper said...

Brent's response seems to have been poor. The footway approaches to Queens Park station have been a disgrace this week

Drooper said...

Brent's response seems to have been poor. The footway approaches to Queens Park station have been a disgrace this week

Jessie said...

The side roads down here by the William IV have been treacherous too - even the pavement on the Harrow Road was covered in thick ice in total contrast to the other side of the road which had been gritted by Kensington & Chelsea although I'm not sure why as the "residents" on that side of the road don't get out much (it's the cemetery!). On Monday morning I watched 5 people slip on to their backsides on the slope outside Kensal Green tube station within just a minute and a half! Good job there is a railing at the junction of College/Harrow roads otherwise it could have been worse than just a bruised bum!

Did Brent Council grit any roads that we know of?

I booked a "special" rubbish collection with them two weeks ago (old sofa, carpet etc) but I'm told they have cancelled all special collections due to the weather. Will I get my £25 back? Nah, course not!!

Claire said...

Just checked the Brent council website and they say that grit stock levels are now at a very critical level and treating a reduced network of priority roads.
On the 12 Jan they had 120 tonnes of grit left which is enough for one day of gritting. Not sure what happens now - have they stopped gritting?

Early Kensal Riser said...

By the way, does anyone know what all the construction is for at Kensal Green station? I hope they restore that little patch of grass back to its former glory ;-)

MKB always said...

Maybe they're going to put in escalators??

Anonymous said...

You are 3 months late! The work is done they put in 2 new staircases over Christmas. No Lift and no sign of a train departure board yet-
We so need one and yes they better replant all the lovely daffs brent put in 2 couple of years ago !

Anonymous said...

HELP Can you contact me?

The council wants to put a BUS STOP outside Minkies, chop down an old tree and it's going to ruin the RISE.

YOu can check out the proposal at:

Anonymous said...

This was emailed to me. Worrying.

URGENT... please help!

Dear Friends,

This month we write on a not so happy note!

It has been brought to our attention that Brent Council are planning to build a new bus stop and lay-by to accommodate three buses on Chamberlayne Road, just outside Minkies Deli. Their proposal involves cutting down the beautiful healthy and mature tree, narrowing the pavement which in places will then be too narrow for even a pushchair, and creating a layby that will create an unsightly and noisy area at the top of the hill, with additional traffic congestion on Chamberlayne Road.

It is outrageous that neither residents nor local businesses were consulted before this change was put into play. Kensal Rise is a very family and child friendly area which is turning into a bus riddled high street where safety has been overlooked. Sadly Brent Council have kept this under wraps and they close the ‘consultation period’ on FEBRUARY 5, 2010... only ONE WEEK AWAY!!!

The consultation document neglects state that the Council also intend to abolish the bus stands in Station Terrace (which holds up to six buses), this information has emerged from a telephone conversation with Transportation. This additional change will cause an even greater congestion problem on Chamberlayne Road.

We have only one week to pull together and fight what in effect will ruin the facade and top of the ‘Rise’. We are asking for your support to continue to create a thriving community in Kensal Rise, and not a bus depot!

Ironically, this bus lay-by will not affect Minkies Deli trade. In fact it will increase our direct footfall but it will ruin the look of the area as a whole and Chamberlayne Road will be further riddled with traffic, creating congestion and jeopardising safety.

In the last three years Minkies Deli has tried to help make Kensal Rise and Chamberlayne Road an aesthetic, homely, family friendly, community driven neighbourhood. This is extremely important to us! Imagine now walking up Chamberlayne from Harvist Road... all you will see is stationary buses on the left and right hand side of the hill.

If we don’t want the communal areas in which we live ruined, we must act now!

Please send your views to Phil Rankmore, Head of Special Projects, Transportation Service Unit Please be sure to Bcc to Minkies as we will then have evidence that residents have made a complaint. Please ask your friends to do so too!

Please also come into Minkies and sign our petition.

The consultation documents can be viewed at:
Click on Chamberlayne Road Lay-by and then on the two links to the consultation document and questionnaire.

You can also read more about the proposal by clicking HERE

We REALLY APPRECIATE your support in maintaining a welcoming and aestheic environment on our high street.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the council had great plans for rejuvenating Station parade. I think we need to find out what is happening with this regeneration.