Monday, 1 February 2010

Council plans to change bus stops

Thanks to the commenters who linked to this public appeal from Minkies. Read it all, but in short the plan is for some buses to stop in a new bay outside Minkies on Chamberlayne Road, instead of on Station Terrace.

I am tempted to be against, simply because it is done by Brent Council, who don't seem very impressive. A closer look reinforces that view, simply because the bit where the buses turn into now seems how you would design such a bus stop if you were going to, rather than on the crest of a hill of a busy road. It also seems to suffer from tinkering for tinkering's sake.

n the other hand there are presumably some other issues which commend the plan - Minkies mention themselves the annoyance to residents near Station Terrace of buses turning around (although where would they turn around with the new plan?). Anyone have any strong views either way?


Anonymous said...

I am against! I think Minkies has been an intrinsic part of transforming Kensal Rise from thoroughfare to village. My kids have written a big SAVE THIS TREE sign on the trees intended for the chop. You've got till Friday to sign the petition... There's one at Minkies.

Emma said...

I am against it, but I do have sympathy for the residents of Dagmar Gardens; their road surface has been completely ravaged by the buses and is clearly not suitable for the heavy traffic. That said, there must be a better solution than putting a bus stop on the crest of a hill, on a busy thoroughfare.

Matthew said...

I don't quite understand where the buses that would use Dagmar gardens to turn around will now turn around?

MKB always said...

The impression I got from reading the blog and seeing the plans was that the buses that currently terminate at the Station would carry on doing so. Which means they would still use Dagmar Gardens etc for the turn-around. I think the bus stop outside Minkies (which let me add am opposed to and will sign the petition) would be for the buses that go past the rise to Willesden and wherever the 187 goes. So why not cut into the bit outside Tesco where the Christmas tree is and have a bus stop there rather than stopping on the crest of the Rise.

bebebebebee said...

I signed the petition yesterday evening.....they seem to have colleced a lot of names.

Matthew said...

I'm slightly in two minds about the actual proposal - it's not as if Chamberlayne Road is like a Florentine piazza and someone is planing to build a motorway, and I'm always a little suspicious in these things that 'winners', who might be the people in Dagmar Gardens, don't get heard. However I think the lack of consultation and that Brent Council are behind it is enough to make me opposed without a much clearer presentation of the benefits, if there are them.

Anonymous said...

Our councilors have been working on a plan to help improve that area of Kensal Rise/Station Parade for well over a year and a half now and I don't think this consultation has anything to do with that. People keep jumping to conclusions and going on about Tesco's as being part of some sort of conspiracy! It was well underway before Tesco's even moved to the area.
Perhaps all the people who have got behind this petition could get together and form a resident's association for Kensal Rise then they would have some power !!

Eddie said...

I'm horrified at this proposal.

It means that those of us turfed off buses terminating at Kensal Rise will have to walk across and up at least as far this new bus-stop on the slope, right by the steps down to Station Terrace; so very convenient for any muggers to make a quick safe getaway.

Thank you very much, Brent Council. As somebody aged 70 and disabled I'll feel a lot safer walking, and having to hump whatever shopping I'm carrying, along to the bus-stop across the road from the Methodist church (unless they take that one away too).

And I don't see Tesco's welcoming this; they're going to lose a lot of 'passing trade'.

Jessie said...

This really does seem to be being rushed through and lacking in planning. Buses stopping on the crest of the hill will cause no end of problems and possibly accidents! Do we really need an extra bus stop there? Surely there is a better solution. For example making Station Terrace two-way and putting a roundabout so the buses can turn without having to disturb the residents of Dagmar Gardens/Linden Ave. Not sure there is enough space mind you! Alternatively, the "island" in front of Tesco's which serves very little purpose could be reduced without impacting on any businesses or ancient trees and passengers on buses terminating at the Rise would merely have to walk across the road to catch a bus going beyond.

I realise Tesco is not the demon in this (that title lays squarely with Brent Council) but when it was announced that a Tesco Metro was going to open there I did voice concerns about traffic in the area. Their huge delivery van does seem to cause problems for the buses, does anyone remember how this was avoided in the days of AP Foods?

Will go to Minkies and sign the petition and will mail the Kensal Triangle residents association and ask them to do the same.


Jessie said...

Just had an email from Minkies to say that Brent have withdrawn their bus lay-by proposal which is great news.

Well done to Minkies for bringing to our attention and well done to all who signed the petition and sent emails etc.

It is great to live within a community with such a fiesty spirit!


MKB Always said...

That's great news as was worried re safety with a bus stop opposite a road (Chevening) and with the terminating 302 stopping opposite would have caused massive traffic jams.

iridescentblue said...

Re MKB 2nd Feb-my thoughts excatly about using the space where the Christmas Trees goes, makes perfect sense in my opinion. There's enough space there. Also on the matter, I very strongly beilieve that the whole bus timtables needs to be looked at in terms of how they are regulated. Very often I see loads of the same number bus ie the 52 or 6 with nobody on them. We need this to be seriously looked into and that way-hopefully reduce the amount of bus traffic in the area.