Thursday, 29 July 2010

Any news?

We've seen that the Yoga place on Wrentham might close, no idea how accurate the story was.

Some others from Google news.

A school in Kensal Rise appears to be in trouble over funds.

A website about London tube stations from a Kensal Risian (is that the right term?)

This story - can't vouch for its accuracy - made me laugh as the man apparently said he was housed in Kensal Rise but didn't like it.

Maybe this was why the Paradise was being refurbished - its had a karoke room added.

Finally a rather unfortunate story about a crash between a cyclist and a bus in Station Terrace a few weeks ago.


Emma said...

It IS true that The Special Yoga Centre is looking to move as the Tay Building is being extended to include more offices, and two flats above the centre. They are looking for new premises in the same area, so if anyone knows of anywhere that might be suitable,they can phone the SYC or email

Katy said...

How could anyone say Kensal Rise is a very poor area? Granted it's not as buzzing as the city centre but it's a lovely place to bring up children!

Anonymous said...

The Kensal wasn't good enough story was front page headlines in most newspapers a couple of week ago.

Some funny quotes from the gentleman in question apparently the shops in the Rise do not stay open late enough!
I do hope the shops in the Royal Borough stay open later for him.

Anonymous said...

Patrick has left Harvist apparently

Tania Raymond / Gilly Greenslade said...

Talking about Harvist. Lovely local lady Gilly Greenslade is putting on 2 fantastic, kids recycle fashion classes there on the 2/3rd of September. Flyers will be up around the area, plus in Harvist. Or check out our blogspot which
So if you have any kids from 7 -11 years old who want a fun activity for 2 hours @ Harvist please contact us via our blogspot or Harvist owner, Ben! Thank you xxx
11 August 2010 01:27

Jessie said...

Wondering if you have heard of the proposed changes Brent would like to make to rubbish collections? Looks like they will be moving to fortnightly collections (boo!) but with increased recycling (yay!).

More info can be found here:

And there will be an article in the October issue of Brent Magazine. The consultation period ends Oct 19th, I believe, so any protests need to be raised quickly!