Saturday, 11 September 2010

Living Etc and comment deletionn and recycling

Does anyone want about three years of Living Etc magazine and a few Elle Decorations? We're having a clearance and the magazines are destined for the recycle box.

Also apologies to someone whose comment on key cutters I deleted by accident, they suggested Queen's Park near the station I think.

Jessie left an interesting comment on Brent Council's new recycling policy - it's here. It seems to be alternate fortnightly collection of recycled stuff (this time including carboard) and other.

I like the idea of including cardboard in the recycling, as it was a bit strange having to separate out paper and cardborad. But every fortnight is a bit, well, rubbish.


Anonymous said...

The bad news is we will have our rubbish collected every fortnight! Yes every fortnight with the recycling collected the other week.
That means a new second weelie bin!!!
Also a kitchen waste caddie container.
So if you live in a convertrd house you will ahve 4 weelie bins and 2 kitchen waste boxes.
And if you miss a collection your household rubbish could sit outside for a month!!!!
This has not been thought through and YES it is a load of rubbish.
The consultation asks questions that the want answering.
I love recycling and welcome the changes BUT not at the risk of an environmental health problem which will occur with this plan.

beebebebebe said...

I'd be more postive about the recycling & refuse policies if I thought Brent was actually doing it all for green reasons rather than £ saving.