Saturday, 4 September 2010

Kensal Rise has it all!

I'll restrain the cynicism that Ms Phillips is looking to sell, and instead direct you all to her article - working title "Kensal Rise is the best place in the world evah!"


Anonymous said...

Notting Hill=Lower Kensal Rise! Pleeeeese! I hate estate agents! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh no do we really want a Foxtons?

Anonymous said...

The other things sound interesting. Pie, members bar and organic butchers. Anyone got a timeline on them?

Caroline Phillips said...

No (in response to your comment) I'm not looking to sell my house!
Ask the Israeli boys in Minky's about the organic butcher - they are opening it.
The pie place is being opened by ooops, one of the estate agents. The lady with the private members' club has gone annoyingly quiet...
Best wishes
Caroline Phillips

Anonymous said...

They have started on the butchers, assuming it is the old halal place opposite Minkies. As for the pie place not sure where that is although Mangia e bevi has closed down. The shop is being gutted.

Wish they would at least paint the weird bar in between Scarlet and Violet and the furniture shop. It is such an eyesore. Can we complain to the council about this?