Saturday, 26 February 2011

New things

We noticed some new things while out and about

There's a Halal butchers next to the greengrocers by Tesco

The organic shops looks like it is about to be a cafe, although there is an advert for a hairdresser in it.

There is still work going on in shop next to the ice-cream/milkshake bar.

What do readers think about all these signs for 'save Kensal Rise library' that have been provided by an estate agent. Worthy cause, but a bit ugly perhaps?*

* See comments - apparently they made a generous donation.


Anonymous said...

re the sign: one of my flatmates said the "savekensalrise library" is too small while the estate agents' name too big! at least it should be half-half.
what do other people think?

Anonymous said...

Yes the Estate Agents logo's are definitely way too big. It just looks like a for sale sign really. Surely the message is about saving the library but it's just more of an advert for the agents.

The organic shop is going to be a cafe but it's been bought by the guy who owns Alessandro's and Luca hairdressers so maybe that's why the advert is there.

Apparently it's going to be an Italian cafe. All well and good but we do have a lot of deli type places around here already.

We could really do with a decent Italian restaurant. I know there's Olive Branch but the food isn't that great and it's really a cafe and not cosy enough to want to eat a nice evening meal there. Somewhere with homemade pasta and wood fired oven pizza's would do really well in Kensal.

Anonymous said...

Daniels have given over £2000 to the Save the Library fund which is very generous at this time - yes the Save the Library is small but I guess that's what happens-
It has worked - you are talking about it and that is what we want!


Anonymous said...

Ugly is Brent Council closing our Library and not listening to their voters
Thats what is UGLY!

disneyrollergirl said...

The Italian cafe is called Taste of Chamberlayne's I believe. Passed it earlier and poked my nose round the door. Saw some lovely pasta with grilled mediterranean veg arrangements and it had a nice vibe.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice inside. Shame they got the Flintstones to design their sign. With the amount of creative people in the area it is a real shame it looks so poor. Hopefully the food will taste better.

G. said...

I know, cant believe the sign of Taste of Chamberlayne! Get a designer to help you if you dont have a clue! But good with another place to meet up!

Anonymous said...

Taste of Chamberlayne have great food and they opened down stears playroom for children's.