Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wine shop

I was about to pop out and buy a bottle of wine and realised Kensal Rise has rather poor choice. There's the corner shops, which are OK for popular chains. Tesco has a poor selection. In fact the best place might be the discount wine shop on the corner of Chamberlayne and Kempe. There used to be Miros, but that I believe has closed down and it was always more of a wine bar than wine shop (unlike Samson Miro).


Anonymous said...

I agree. The one on Okehampton is terrible. The guy is friendly enough but it smells of his dog. His best wine is overpriced Hulio Julio rubbish. The way the Salusbury have done their wine shop is amazing. The small set of shops on Okehampton could be so nice. If a cafe was ever needed it should be there. The passing trade of kids in a morning would be enough.

Anonymous said...

The Bavarian Beer range called Brewers & Union that is stocked in Brooks Butchery is great, and the owner of the range is a Kensal Rise local.