Monday, 7 March 2011

Quick update

Not much to report. I see Brooks Butchers have removed their organic sign on the front, a commenter says we are going to get our first art gallery (across from the Overground station), the Italian cafe which was the organic shop is about to open, and the empty store on Chamberlayne Road opposite Wrentham Avenue is owned by the hardward store a few doors down but no information on whether its going to be something new.


Anonymous said...

Anyone notice that The Olive Branch has closed down. Tis a shame, given the mix reviews in the past about the place, each time I had a meal there it was very good indeed.

Hope we get something else there that's fitting to the 'kensals'

Matthew said...

I didn't notice that, and I agree it is a shame. I thought it had been there long enough to be established, but I guess these things can be for many reasons. Of course there is a new 'Italian' cafe opening on Chamberlayne (or perhaps it has already opened?)

My wife said there was a new nail bar opened as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where or how to start a new blog, so apologies for hijacking this blog.

Hello everyone.

(Attempted) Burglary/Intruders

I would like to draw everyones attention to our recent experiences of un-nerving goings on in Ashburnham Road.
We recently had a friend staying, one night (late) she brought a heavy object home and left it outside by the bins as it was quite dirty. She'd left me a note in the morning to say it would be collected at 10am, I left me house at 9am, she called me at 10.20am to say it wasn't where she left it. This involved the police as the object belonged to a theatre company.

Two days ago, my partner found a large cloth that has been in his car for ages dumped by our front gate when he left at 6.30am-he thinks he hadn't locked his car the previous night, so clearly someone is 'casing the joint'

Today ( 1st March), we noticed a VERY large and heavy plant pot in our back garden has been knocked off the wall and smashed. We've spoken to our neighbours and there's obvious signs that we've had an intruder in our back gardens as there's a large piece of trellis been propped up against thier shed to get over our wall-hence the plant pot being knocked off. What is very worrying is that they have a nanny who I know for a fact is home most of the day, so clearly, our houses are being watched.


Comar said...

On the subject of Brooks the butcher I wanted to let people know that at Lucky Chip we get all our meat from Mr Brooks.

It would be nice to have someone from the blog down to our launch next weekend.

Feel free to drop me a line at to discuss.

Marketa Zvelebil said...

Would be nice if they were organic..