Saturday, 3 November 2012

London Overground becomes a kind of Circle Line

Details here.


Anonymous said...

I think, all upgrades of the Overground is a great thing (just compare it today to what it was like with Silverlink - dirty, delayed, dangerous, depressing, irregular and slow). Thanks to the Olympics, the Overground was upgraded and improved.

I'm not convinced Kensal Rise will directly benefit from the opening of the extension in South London, because it doesn't make anywhere quicker to get to (30 mins to Brixton is already achievable today)

I understand we will still see Richmond / Clapham Junction to Stratford services. Elsewhere there will be Dalston - Surrey Quays - Claphm Junction services (covering the other half of the circle)

A great time for British Engineering and infrastructure projects being designed, and built on time and on budget!

Rik said...

Open for business!