Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Island

Thanks for all the comments on Parlour. My wife went with her parents and our toddler and said it was very good for that purpose and they all enjoyed the food. I can see why as a pub it might be less good but I'm yet to go so I will reserve judgement until I do. Nice to see investment being made in things though.

And...talking of pubs. Anyone been to the Island, or know what the refurb will entail there?


DJMonkey said...

The Island reopens 8th Nov.

Media Planners said...

I do agree with the comments about the rather unpleasant uncosey decor however....and if truth be told prefered the Regents menu when all it did was lots of different types of burger. "the wife"

Alison McNicol said...

Have been to Parlour a couple of times now, and while the staff were lovely, i can't see how this is an improvement on the Regent. If it ain't broke......If anything, the more expensive, fancier menu is putting us off ( if we want overpriced fancy gastro pub fayre, we can got to Paradise). Everyone i know misses the burgers and the Tuesday specials....What was my favourite local is now....well, time will tell....

MKB always said...

The Island had flyers at the station to say launch tomorrow 8th at 5pm.

Matthew said...

Tomorrow or 8th(Thursday)?

On the Parlour, I would say that for those who are less keen, often after refurbishment places are more 'pure' to an idea than they subsequently become once they get a feel for what their customers want.

MKB always said...

Re my post above, sorry meant Thursday 8th.

Rik said...
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Rik said...

Energy from waste plant planned / seeking planning permission for Willesden Junction area. Potentially providing (10MW) power for upto 10,000 homes.

Interestingly it's not just an incinerator, it's Anaerobic Digestion and Pyrolysis - waste is composted / heated / stewed to produce a gas, which is then burnt - meaning (in theory) the bad stuff is not burnt, and just left at the bottom of the composter.

A controversial topic in most areas... thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rik, this proposed Willesden Junction incinerator sounds horrendous!

Most kensal greeners, kensal risers and queens parkers will be downwind from the burnt gases and toxic ash produced from the proposed incinerator. Where can we campaign against it?


Anonymous said...

I think you may have miss-understood Rik's post. There isn't ash, because it's not an incinerator. It burns the gas from composted waste.

Land fill produces methane gas that escapes into the atmosphere and is a 72 times WORSE green house gas than CO2. This 'energy from waste' thing will effectively make the methane quicker, and then burn it. Methane is added to mains gas to give it that familiar smell. Local concerns are over waste storage smell and increased vehicle traffic.

Anonymous said...

No, there is no misunderstanding. There is indeed a major landfill issue but this is not a healthy solution.

Since finding out about the plans this week, I have spoken to many organisations including Friends of the Earth and the Green Party, and they are all referring to it as an incinerator. (The company proposing the plans has got a new clever name for it which is more to do with PR than anything else) It will indeed be releasing harmful particulates into the environment, albeit not to the same scale as the old incinerators, and with these come big health risks. And kensal rise is only about 1.5 miles downwind from the proposed site. Too close for comfort!

There is also the issue of all the noise and pollution from the waste being brought into the area - in excess of 60 lorries a day rumbling in and out of our neighbourhoods! And there is risk of the gas tanks exploding (which has happened on similar sites in Germany). This is just not suitable for a highly populated residential area.

In fact the local councils had deemed this site unsuitable for this usage recently, so I'm not sure why it's being considered.

Very few residents even know about these plans as Brent council 'mislaid' vital documents from Ealing council regarding this proposal. More consultation needs to happen with the people who live in the area.

The company submitting these plans are proposing another one in Brent Cross and other locations around the UK. They are a property company operating out of a tax-haven in the isle of man, and I would guess judging from there immoral financial set-up, more interested in making money than saving the environment.

Anyway, anyone interested in speaking up against these plans should urgently write to Brent MP Sarah Teather (who is strongly opposing the plans). Her email is

And the Ealing council person dealing with this is Peter Lee,

You can also log an official objection here:

The consultation is ending any second so time is of the essence.

Cat said...

Argh! So sick of hearing about awful plans "mislaid", forgotten, glazed over or hushed up by Brent Council. Not for nothing did they win the "Most corrupted council in Brittain" award...
But I actually clicked in to comment on the original topic; have been to the Island and was very excited that they are breathing new life I to it again, but was a little disappointed and somewhat surprised that they turned us down when we were looking for a venue for a birthday party. I initially wanted the basement space, but when they said they don't reserve it exclusively, I just asked for a few tables reserved, but they won't even do that unless it's for a sit-down meal in the restaurant. I like the re-furb, and my Sunday lunch there last weekend was lovely, but find it weird that when am pretty much asking for permission to bring 20 drinking adults in to their establishment for 3 hours on a Saturday lunchtime, I am turned down... The Parlour were much more accommodating and super helpful, so we're doing it there instead.

Anonymous said...

Ok, So there's obvious problems with the "anerobic / Phyrolysis" machine that Ealing want to use.

What's do Friends of the Earth and the Green Party advocate as an alternative?

It's easy to say no to something without thinking of a suitable alternative - Nimby Vs. Pro-active community.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, I'm suggesting, easy to say no = Nimby,

but to come up with a viable alternative would be proactive

Anonymous said...

If protecting the place we call home is classified as Nimby behaviour then so be it. But it's not just my back yard I want to protect - incinerators don't have a place in ANYONE's back yard.

Agreeing to a waste 'solution' that would have such a negative impact on our NW10 neighbourhood (and the wider environment)is irresponsible. And it wouldn't be tackling the cause.

Say NO to the proposed NW10 incinerator!

Show your support by jumping on board our Kensal Green Residents Against the Incinerator campaign.

Twitter: @NoincineratorNO

Thanks fellow Kensals!