Sunday, 31 March 2013

Art, architects and Scandinavians

On Friday we were walking past C99 - other place opposite Kensal Rise station and realised it was 'open' so went in. It's an art gallery currently showing a local Scandinavian artist Ylva Kunze - some amazing pieces. I was also interested by the building (open plan modern finish, floor to ceiling windows at the back), and the fact an architect firm operates from down stairs.

Still no sign of charity shop, Greene & co. or any change at the Diner. The parking bay outside Golden Tower Tesco's, is that a legit 'pop to the shops' parking spot?

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Matthew said...

Interesting post. My wife tried to look at the art in that place a year ago and was told that 'we don't really let people in to do that'. But they did let her in in the end. Maybe it's a more open policy now?

I've wondered about the parking space. I think the answer is probably 'no' but you'd be unlucky to get caught or be stopped, and if it's not blocking anyone..?