Saturday, 6 April 2013

Pomelo has a new name

I noticed today the Chinese restaurant on Chamberlayne Road, Pomelo, has a new name (and looks a bit different). Is that a recent thing or am I telling you things that happened six months ago?


Kevin Pritchard said...

Thinking of moving from Hampstead to Kensal Rise and would really appreciate some info/advice on the area. Sounds like you know the area very well. Can you help out with a few questions? Thanks

Matthew said...

Sure, I'll have a go

Kevin Pritchard said...

Is it a good area for a young family? Nice cafes and restaurants etc?
Nice atmosphere and nice place to hang out in? Also are there any decent pubs with a local feel?

Matthew said...

Yes, it's a good area for a young family, I'd say especially if you are nearer Queen's Park (not necessarily the area, which is to the East & South of the park, Kensal Rise is on the West side). Queen's park is a lovely family park, with a great play area, petting zoo, cafe etc.

Also there are lots of good restaurants now in Kensal Rise, mostly on Chamberlayne Road but also some on College Road. if you click on the restaurant subject on this blog you'll see posts about them. There's also a very good butchers and Italian deli.

Pubs - there's the Chamberlayne on Chamberlayne Road, then the Paradise and the Parlour further down (nearer Harrow Road) and the Island on College Road. Whether they have a 'local' feel is a little hard to say, they're mostly quite trendy but do feel much more local than pubs in many areas.

One issue you might want to look at is the schools and their catchment areas as they vary in quality quite a bit, although apparently even the poorer ones are improving.

Rik said...

Matt is totally correct!

If you want to sample the vibe for the young family community in Kensal Rise - make you way first to Gracelands Cafe, 118 college Road.

Then, once you have your fill of coffee and yoga, head to The Island Pub - 123, College Road; Or The Chamberlayne - great steak and beer"

If you manage to leave the kids at home, then deffinately head to "The Shop" - great for a cocktail and social atmosphere - 67, Chamberlayne Road.

There's also an active Residents Association which is / has campaigned (successfully) for more trees and a 20mph speed limit on Chamberlayne Road.

Kevin Pritchard said...

Just logged in and found all of the info. Thanks very much guys, really appreciate this. I'll have a good look at all the info and suggestions this evening. Again, really do appreciate this!

Anonymous said...

Hi, we went to Made in Kitchen last night. We used to go to Pomelo's occasionally so thought we would give it a try. The food seems better than before although we're not sure if it has new management/owner as well as (presumably) a new cook.