Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Minkies, Love KR and Speed

The other day I spotted a new Minkies Deli in West Hampstead - it's on the left as you leave the Overground station - looks more like a kiosk than a cafe, anyone sampled the coffee / prices?

I spotted a planning application for a lift at Kensal Rise station. 1 lift to serve the Eastbound platform. It looks like it puts the shop 'Love KR' at risk; I know my wife loves 'Love KR', it's a great local asset!

I understand that a consultation on the proposed Chamberlayne Road 20mph scheme is imminent - from Harvist Road to Okehampton Road - I'll make an effort to post any details when they're published.

Anyone know what's going to be in the shop next to the Butcher's - some have said another estate agents, but that may be just taking the pis*.

1 comment:

Matthew said...

A lift would be good for those of us with babies but yes, a shame about the Love KR if it did mean it had to go.