Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Traffic Lights Changing

After this I will write a post on paint drying, but bear with me. This weekend I was caught in two sets of traffic lights - one the temporary ones on Chamberlayne Road near the Chamberlayne Pub, and the other the ones that let you onto Harrow Road from All Souls Avenue.

The reason I mention it was because both times the sequence was not X-Y-Z, but X-Y-Z-Y-Z-X, insofar as they represent different streams of traffic. And I, obviously was in the X. I've never encountered this before, when traffic either crossing or coming in the other direction gets to go twice before its your turn again. 


Anonymous said...


This makes sense if X is a minor road joining a larger road (Y, Z).

Matthew said...

True, which is probably the case for All Souls (although there was an enormous tailback of traffic). But on Chamberlayne I was on Chamberlayne Road, heading south (which I don't think was any less busy than heading North, and definitely not than whatever that road the Chamberlayne pub is on the corner of is). Then again they were temporary, so perhaps just setup wrongly.

Valentina said...

This is cool!