Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Buses on the Rise

An interesting article on the Brent & Kilburn Times website about 'Ghost Buses' on Chamberlayne Road - primarily identifying the 302 as being under used - perhaps only interesting to me and my transport fetish.

A consultation will be launched on plans to change route 302 from Kensal Rise to Queen’s Park which could result in fewer buses using Chamberlayne Road. It is suggested that the 302 (which follows the 52 to Willesden) is under utilised and a 'waste of public funding'

Apparently bus companies are paid £4.70 / mile irrespective of the passenger numbers.


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Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is a bit of nimbyism in this. How many of these people who are complaining travel by bus? I do, and I wouldn't say there were any "ghost busses". The ones I travel on are busy. The 302 starts and finishes it's route at Kensal Rise, turning around there, so may give the appearance of being empty, but that doesn't last long!
Just for reference, I too live on a busy road with plenty of bus traffic so I sympathise about noise, vibration etc, but we should be encouraging people to use public transport, not making it more difficult by reducing bus routes/ numbers (IMHO)!