Sunday, 16 June 2013

Chamberlayne Road 20mph Scheme

Just this morning got sight of the public consultation being done for the "Local Safety Scheme - Chamberlayne Road. Between Okehampton Road and Harvist Road junctions"

Looks like the following:

  • 20mph Okehampton to Harvis road
  • Raised table / bump at exisiting pedestrian crossing near Okehmpton road
  • New Zebra crossing outside the church
  • Raised table / bump at Kemp Road
  • Moving give way line further forward on side roads
  • 9 new Trees
  • Remove ugly fencing / railings
Did I miss anything? Looks great, I think it'll make a real difference - hopefully discouraging people driving dangerously / at speed.

I'll try to add a legible picture here:


DJMonkey said...

Traffic only goes 5mph down Chamberlayne Road anyway.

Anonymous said...

There's more to it than speed, it's also looking to address the 32 serious accidents in 3 years - including 1 fatality

Anonymous said...

bare numbers don't mean anything.

It would be nice if they decided to actually fix Chamberlayne Road instead of patching up the persistent dips in the road

Anonymous said...

Totally agree - they should resurface at the same time as doing the 20mph zone!

Anonymous said...

it only takes seeing someone flat on the pavement, blood spilling everywhere, ambulance and police buzzing around everywhere to make you realise its long overdue ... chamberlayne, harvist, chevining, salusbury, ... its crazy how dangerous these speeding vehicles can be - and how they can alter the course of peoples' lives in the flash of a second.

Anonymous said...

god forbid these speeding skip drivers actually slow down over even one of these speed humps ... they seem to get off on the bigger the thump and the greater the noise - all the houses and buildings shake with every thump. they buzz thru our streets with one hand busy with the mobile and the other with a cigarette - not a care or concern in the world!!

Anonymous said...

Brent's recent speed thumps bring misery to all local residents and should be campaigned against. Skip lorries and large trucks totally ignore the 7.5 tonne weight limit and 20 mph speed limit on our road and it is like living in a war zone as they crash over the humps. THERE IS NO ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW (police are stretched to the limit and the Council have done nothing) so they carry on with impunity and we suffer the disturbed sleep every night.

Rik said...

Do you live on Donnington or Chambers Lane? - I read that the speed bumps installed were defective

Anonymous said...

Yes, Chambers, Donnington & Peter Avenue had huge "thumps" installed erroneously and it took weeks for Brent to rectify their mistake and narrow them. They really need to enforce the weight restrictions and speed limits as the (slightly) narrower humps are still causing huge problems. Police are sympathetic and have suggested width restrictions, but these three roads are all bus routes and if nobody bothers to enforce the rules, they will continue to be flouted to the detriment of residents.